Rubik's Crystallography


For me.

I guess any mythstone lower than abyss I salvage and on the last mythstone (hero) I convert to mentor then salvage again. I keep a few of everything so if I decide to do mythic stuff I have every mythstone available but you could also salvage higher mythstone to get it.


I also convert hero to mentor then salvage back constantly to get the rare mythstone from feat because I have a massive supply of them.


checking over the list of affixes from the wiki, i noticed that affixes that appear as both normal and epic have their min/max values the same (ie wep dmg+, luck, hp reg…). this brings the question:

wouldn’t it be more cost efficient to just use larimar instead of topaz if say all i wanted was something like wep dmg+ or luck? seeing as larimar is much easier to acquire than topaz.

also, regarding changing affixes with sapphire, do they really change into something else within the same pool? i’ve tried changing some affixes but find that when i reroll epic affixes from say dodge% to luck, it turns into something like resist then hp+ then back again to resist an so forth… then again, i haven’t upped the IQ and level (just left it at something like 3~4% IQ and 90~ish levels as i’m just experimenting and don’t have the resources for it i.e tons of emerald and peridot) so that may be a factor…




I read an reread step 1. I haven’t used this method yet or any other for that matter. So obsidian will enchant only a Crystal affix right? I want to fully understand before I jump in.


If you use an obsidian crystal on an item you would be given a choice to pick a crystal affix. The choices though is random.

List of crystal affix. Control F Crystal.


This is an excellent guide! I’ve learned so much! My thanks go out to Rubik, but also a few of you others that have been replying in this thread and asking questions that I shared.

One thing that hasn’t been discussed yet – why doesn’t anyone recommend starting with Eternals as your base item? Is it simply because those are sooooo rare?

The way I see it, since Eternals automatically come with 50% iq, they make much stronger base items for any of this crafting. Granted, you would be Quartzing off some strong affixes, but the final product would be vastly superior to an Epic item, which only maxes out at 25% iq (and requires lots of Emeralds just to get there).

The crystal cost of disenchanting, enchanting, re-rolling, etc. will be the same regardless of which base item you use, so isn’t it better to make sure you start with the best possible base before you start investing in it?

(not to mention that in the amount of time it takes to accumulate all these crystals, you’ll probably get some Eternals anyway…)


U can’t craft eternal, simple. Full crafted set are much better than eternal since u can set affix to what u want, mean u can keep your affix balance and sync to your other affix while eternal stuck with the affix and some affix not work together. It will lead to waste slot affix than saving slot. Bit tricky tho, there aren’t much eternal item are good. Only some are good as it is.


Ah, I see. So you can’t disenchant Eternal affixes with Quartz then? Or is it that you can, but you can’t add any affixes? Just wondering, I’ve obviously never tried. (and don’t really want to!)

I know that most Eternals aren’t perfect end-game items, I just figured they’d be the best base items (50% iq) which you could then modify with the perfect affixes for whatever build you want.


Well some items like fabled blade and unreal hood can have a mythic affix added leaving three empty slots which can be filled wite crystals up to topaz rarity. But other than a select six eternals, you cannot edit them however they can be found with obsidian affixes


how do you go about getting the crystal affix that you want on a an item that has a set affix cannot be gotten via Amethyst?

For example:

Nadroji and Nadroji bonus

If I use Obsidian and I didn’t get the crystal affix that I want. the only way to change the cystal affix is by using quartz and the would mean disenchanting my nadroji and nadroji bonus :frowning:


Some people like to suggest cheats, but the only right way to do it is to find another nadroji.


You need to find another Nadroji really. What I did back then was to plan the build that I want even though I don’t have the all necessary items and/or materials at hand. I listed down the crystal affixes that I wanted, like Crit Damage, Crit Chance, Deadly Strike, etc. When I got my first Nadroji amulet, I loaded it with epic affixes to “cancel” out crystal affixes that I don’t need from spawning off my amulet (like Regen, etc.), then I applied Obsidian on it. This way, I have a very good chance of getting the affixes in the list that I wanted (CC, CD, Deadly, etc.), on top of the fact that fewer unneeded crystal affixes will spawn because I denied them from spawning. It’s like, my build needs these crystal affixes, so if I get one of them off my Obsidian onto my Nadroji amulet, it’s all good. The other crystal affixes that I needed can be gotten off easier to find items where the Set bonus can be gotten off Amethyst.

Off course, all of these is still RNG dependent. There’s no getting around farming crystals and gold. Good luck man :smiley:


Thank you for that tip about putting in epic affix to reduce that chance of it appearing when i finally do apply the crystal affix :smiley:


How is he convert/salvage list supposed to be interpreted?
For instance I’m thinking about calcite thats supposed to be converted, and angelite and quarts thats both supposed to be salvaged.
Doesn’t that conflict at some point?:slight_smile: Same goes for other crystals on the list I’d think?


There is the ‘Use 500 crystals’-feat and each time you convert/salvage a crystal it counts towards that achievement. By converting up and salvaging down over and over with the cheap crystals you just complete that feat faster and get better crystals.


guys can you roll %weapon damage with ruby or it can only be loot?


loot only


thxs, btw RIP 12 rubies :disappointed_relieved:


guys is there anyway to add a set bonus bonus to equipment like momentum bonus if you have certain amount of speed then increase something like damage for example , not the one with amethyst but the one that is the color green-blue