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If I understand your question correct, then the answer is no. No similar affixes to momentum in the ‘Crystal affix pool’.
Here’s the full list of affixes for ya. The ones you’re looking for are ‘crystal affixes’ /the cyan ones.
The only one I can think about, that might come near to the stuff you’re mentioning is ‘deadly strike’. That one is depending on your crit chance, nd not your speed though.


what i mean t ks bonus like the ascendant bonus on this peice
is there anyway to add it to a gear or is it just drops?
thxs have a nice day:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


As far as I know, it’s drop only. You don’t need the same set affix as bonus affix on an item though.
Most of the time it’s not practical to remove the set affix, but sometimes it’s usefull, for instance in the case of epiphany bonus, as the bonus itself doesn’t depend on the set affix.


thxs one last thing for the epiphany bonus do you know what gear have it for warrior? and where is it dropped :confounded:


I think the bonus affix is found only on this helmet. You have to convert it with a Jasper crystal after you find it.
Drop requirements are described in the screen shot,

but a small warning - I tried farming mine on a wizard, where the drop chances are higher, and it still took a LONG a-- time…
But then again… RNG it to win it;)


hello guys for the epic affix what is better at max? 5000 elemental damage or 20% elemental damage?
also the mythic “Effective” attack your enemies with their weakness which provides a boost of 20% damage
so is “Effective” better or 20% elemental damage better?


5000 ED is better than 20% ED epic affix but mythic effective works differently. It makes all your attacks deal 25% more dmg to the enemies that usually resist their own element. Effective can work with ignore resist or weaken as well. Instead of 20% ED as epic affix, it’s better to use legend 100% ED as well as 30% from 6× of all elements nature.

In general, 5000ED isn’t very useful in the DPS formula at least for Campaign (PvE) but what is useful is 100 WD%, many 100% ED and 5000 WD usually. For PvP, flat ED is the most powerful DPS boost for the formula. Still a pet with ED of some form is always good.


Yup definitely think that 5000 ed is better than 20% ed been experimenting… When i had 20% ed on my build its max dps is only about 2 mil, when i exchange it to 5000 ed it change drasticly to 5 mil dps!


how do you get skill for other classes that replaced one of your skills like replacing your scalp( a skill for hatchet) for steath a skill for rouge, would love to know how


Using Amber crystal (the bright orange crystal that you get if you convert 2 topaz or salvage 1 Jasper). You can switch shieldwall to stealth and meteor to say orb. It only works on special skills for obvious reasons but that’s fine.


Here is a bump for a great post for newer players and a few observations/tips on my end:

  1. The base item should be chosen based on having an affix that cannon the rolled. An example is legendary weapon damage % or barbarian. Max out the quality and item level with the appropriate crystals and then roll the stat you kept with diamonds until it is at max. This should take between 1-20 diamonds depending on RNG. It may be a placebo effect but I always remove all other affixes (unless it is another affix you want to keep) before trying to max the affix I am keeping. I think that the more affixes on an item, the lower the chance to get 100%. Once again, this could be the placebo effect but it’s cheap to do this so I always do it.

  2. The chances of affixes rolling perfect on a max quality and max level item is around 25% (rough guesstimate) in my experience.

  3. If there are two affixes you want to keep you can try using diamond to get both affixes maxed. This can take thousands of diamonds though but eventually you have so many of those it’s negligible. This is for those of us that are OCD. I spent roughly 10k diamonds to get weapon damage and barbarian maxed in a berserker cleaver. Worth it!

  4. Some affixes are for a specific class only. Even if you roll the affix while the item is set to a class when you jasper the item the affix will change to a talent specific to that class.

  5. Do not roll off every affix and start with an empty base. I have found that this makes it extremely hard to roll max affixes if you do this. I think that if you roll off all affixes, the game treats the item as a white item even if you add legendary and mythic affixes after. I did this because I wanted the look of the new crushing flames chest piece for wizard and man it was impossible to get max legendary affixes on the item after. I had to settle for legendary affixes with a very small range like multi attack chance and epic affixes which are easy to max with a crystal.

  6. There are some affixes that are class specific and a small handful that is slot specific (like crystal block %). Unless you are crystal rich, check the crystal crafting post (sorry I can’t link that now since I’m posting on my phone), make sure to check before rolling. I’ve wasted a ton of crystals and time doing this just to realize I had to change the class requirement of the time first.

  7. 3.0 made crafting gear so much easier since you can craft any base item with dust. So if you don’t get the crystal affix you want you can start over again without having to farm the piece again. Just go to your codex and find the item and there is the craft option. If you have not unlocked the item via drop you will need to pay a premium to unlock the item first. Rare items cost more to unlock and craft. Crafting and unlocking is especially great for the few eternal items actually worth using. Crafted items also have a chance to spawn with a crystal affix. Every so often I’ll craft 10-20 of the eternal item I am using hoping for a lucky upgrade.


That is some dedication! :joy::joy:

Thanks to OP for this topic and to you for bumping! :dealwithitparrot:


It was more troublesome salvaging higher crystals down in 375 lots to get the diamonds since they stop dropping at floor 400 I think. I wish you could enter the number to convert/salvage instead of having to hit the arrow 375 times…


The feel… That’s what every dq player’s dream is


If u have 375 crystal and want to Salvage them at once, why don’t u hit the LEFT Arrow ? :sweat_smile:


I have thousands but I do them in lots of 375 for the feat which gives a rare to ultra rare crystal. Hitting the left arrow salvages up to 1000 at a time I believe