Ruby Crystal

I Spend More than 20+ Ruby to My Gear But I Didn’t Obtain the Affix that i’ve really wanted like Poison Dmg 1-100%. It has a Less Chance to Obtain the Good Legend Affixes? or Legends Affixes Such as Poison Dmg, Push the Limit and Etc are only jive to the gear?

Please Help me or Gave a Tips … Thankyou

U cannot use Ruby to obtain those affixes.

That’s kinda sad…

How can i add 100%weapon DM ? i know there is 50%weapon or element can get from crystal …how do you guys add this affix ? Sorry my poor English

100% weapon damage is now obtainable by topaz.

Yup. From 50% to 100%. Then legend affix from 100% to 200%.

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Legend affix for weapon damage and elemental damage % cannot be rolled. Use a base item that has it and add other affixes. Also you can’t stack the same legendary and epic affix on the same item so don’t bother trying to add epic weapon damage % to a weapon that has the legendary affix already. You can add a mythstone after for affixes available by mythstone to try to double up.

Also elemental damage is named different based on the currently element type of the base item. Use the lowest level crystal to roll it to your preferred element first if you are not familiar with the naming conventions of the 5 different elemental variations.

Ahh i understand now it was only from base item :smiley: