Is there a guide chart fir Ruby’s affixes available thanks

I don’t think so but if you look at legend item affixes on the legend item section in your codex then you can all but plus skills, talents, sets from rubies. There may be another tiny few that you can’t ruby (eg damage to elites)

I read comments i found charts for Jasper and obsidian but not ruby and amber

Bookmark it.


Thank you @_SpectralKnight . So @goodlike10 it looks lihe if you want some legend affixes that cannot be rolled then your going to recraft legendary items by deleting all but the legend affix you want and then going from there

Thanks for this is very helpful. Now i notice as dickwad said. Reclaim yo have skull shield proc yes but its s deadend for me because im an elementalist aftermath procter so i cant afford to losses my fester. If i use reclaim

If theres skullshield proc i will use it to my rogue because im confident with my wizard build. But my rogue is my no1 problem even though my rogue have more armor ratings than my wiz but my rogue is squishy against elemental damage or magic damage. like a paper The only damage my rogue can bare or stand is physical damage or melee like knighcharge quick blinkstrike but not earthshatter its a magic damage

The proc is a wizard talent. Doesn’t work on other classes. Only wizards get skullshield

There is some affix that ruby can’t get…


hope this helps.

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Do have a the list of the rare affix? Like weapon damage% on legend tier, barbarian, push limit, etc…

yes, that Crystal Crafting Restriction post has the restrictions for Amethyst & Ruby, and some of the Epic affixes that have restrictions, like Epic Block can only be rolled on OH.