Sad or bad news. What ever.😭

I accidentally forgot my password. And now? I cant play my account. And i feel jealous to those active on arena…:cry:
I really want to know hows my ai? And what division is it now…
But i will be back on eternal league again someday. Maybe a year? Or months? I dont know? I really miss my account. Thats all. Skl.:rofl::joy::sob::sob:


Follow instructions below.

I ask many times sir. And i dont mhave any access of my email now to get my temporary password on it. Thanks for ur concern anyway.:cry: but i will try this one. Thanks! :blush:

@FairyTail hope it gets fixed i have had problems with my account but that was awhile ago i ended up starting over 3 times because my email got hacked and deleted but I have had me new email for almost a year so i don’t think it will happen again.

@FairyTail your AI in arena was Wizard with barrage build…

what div?

div. 1

Nice Wish I could make to div 1
before DQ2

Looks like someone remembered their password.


HELL YEAH! But looks like arena is a bit stronger now… I need to farm more 3 weeks or 2 weeks? to get my new build.:sweat_smile:

Welcome back :grinning:

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Thanks! Ive got remember my email password on my wife’s number. And now i will continue my progress on my account. Im so feeling blessed!:heart_eyes::grinning: