Salvage and conversion

So one of my problems in DQ is salvaging and converting, i dont know if this problem ocvurs if you’re playing DQ w/ controller, but when u salvage a crystals or mythstones u always need to tap to increase or decrease the amount u want to salvage/convert, so wat if i have 4k pbsidian and i want half of it to salvage to zircon, so should i tap the increase button for more than x2k?
But if we only need to HOLD the button and the amount will increase or decrease for the duration of the HOLD

This feature will help us alot especially to thosr who plays this game most of the time

If you press the <- on the screen it will convert/salvage max amount of that item.

Or is that now what you are referring to?

No… he talking about same thing I mentioned awhile back. I think… though that e.g. isn’t the best cause yea… 1k click. Lol

There is cases where one does not want to convert max.

Clicking 335 times (especially on nvidia with r2 l2) can be… rather cumbersome.

But we make due

This is actually why I Load onto tablet sometimes, cause it’s A lot faster to touch screen click… but then I gotta wait 3 hrs to go back to nvidia. Lol <3

Or… 6 hours if @tdaniel uses my download. Hahah :slight_smile:


ok, I understand.

Giving the button a ramping feature…where if you press the button the amount you want to salvage/convert will increase by 1. If you hold the button down it will increase by 5 then 10 then 20 etc.


yes, tap button/screen once, only 1 item, hold button/screen, and the number scrolls until you get to/near number you want.
in some games, the scrolling numbers start slow, then speed up if you have a ways to go, but not so fast that you can’t see the number you want, or go sailing by too fast. doing it the ramping way, you might want to max the ramping number at 20 or 25, or it will get crazy fast.


Yup. Will be great if this is added in.

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I can’t believe I didn’t ask this earlier lol. I thought I did but turns out I didn’t. Well I’m glad it’s been brought up and it will definitely help alot.

You weren’t Yoda earlier… :slight_smile:

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when I first started playing, not a problem, but now that I am building up my supply of crystals and myth stones, my thumbs are becoming very unhappy. and my other fingers are telling me ‘no way, the thumbs are saying it hurts too much!’
the other options besides scrolling the numbers by holding down the button, is a slider bar or typing in the number you want. typing the number might be the worst of the options, because of the keyboard popping up, but scrolling or a slider are the better options. the problem with the slider, is that the more items you have, the harder it is to get the exact number you want. with scrolling, you just have to get close to the number, and then tap forward or backwards to the correct number.

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it’s boring tapping 500 times for exchange


lol ikr

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if you get the Accomplished Perk, you only have to tap 375 times for an exchange. :slight_frown:

hahaha… uh huh

That’s still a lot. You will get calluses after that. :joy:

I am thinking of limiting myself to exchanging 1 set of crystals or myth stones a day for the perk, when I have the items in question. when I get the Crystalized and Mythic sets for farming, I wonder how many more CS & MS I will be getting. my thumbs don’t like me thinking about this at all. :cry:

honestly, i find no use for the mythstone farm gear. over time you build up more mythstones than you will ever use. crystals, on the other hand…

the crystalline set doesnt increase the amount of crystals dropped, it merely increases the ultra rare drop chances (jasper to obsidian)

IIQ is truly your best friend when farming either.

I think I need the item drop bonuses for more items, but I do want the increased chances for the ultra rare drops. but that is just me.

oh the crystalline set is great. but its good to know how it works. most “newish” people assume it increases drop quantity, as i once did. thats all.

I know, it is one thing to read about stuff in the Codex and Forums, but until you actually experience something in game… I like reading those posts where someone says they learned something new, and they have been playing for awhile.