Salvage/Convert on Mythstones and Crystals

can we make it more than 24? coz its really time consuming having to do it over and over again.



24 max

I +1 this

YES! That would be great!

They Limit it to 24 for prevent hackers from mass creating crystals/mythstones

Thats not an excuse for me, why do cheater even need to convert crystals? Can’t they modify items like there are modified eternals? What about us? I spent once one hour, converting crystals and mythstone when it could be done in 5 minutes.

The same question was asked before i quit, and that was the answer.

YEP. Just like before! another +1 for this.

and I would literally agree with @Msiiek cheaters can still modify items and crystals as much as they want in just a few minutes so why the hell would they limit the crystal convertion? I wish they never changed it since the 2.0 patch.