Salvage quantity

Hi these are just opinions I’m hoping the next update will have :sweat_smile:

• Salvage all Legend+ items (specific bag #) with confirmation (yes/no) for easy dust farming
• Salvage crystals specify quantity / x5 per touch

Not that really important to those who are very very hardcore at farming and salvaging but for me it’s kind of a hassle especially when I have to deal with large amounts of crystals and legend items

  1. Its good for high level but bad for newbie or still need a legend equip
  2. Good idea but add option of salvage x5 because 1x is still needed

Agree on number two. Neutral on number 1 bc my finger is already used to salvaging legends quickly.
Hoping that the devs will listen and answer our prayers :sweat_smile::pray:

  1. Idk because I’m used to the current system of salvaging legends but it is something we can dream and hope XD.

  2. Yes I definitely agree on this one. If I need to salvage 375 crystals , now I can do that in 75 touches instead of 375 which is a huge radical difference! 75 touches isn’t a big deal since I press fairly rapidly anyways on the crystal salvaging.

As for convert, just as easy as before but easier.

Yes already thought of that but as what I have wrote it should have a confirmation of Yes/No if you want to salvage all Legends. Plus, I wanna clarify that adding salvage all Legend+ items option does not mean removing individual salvaging of items. More like a Sell/Sell All function that’s what I meant hehe :wink:

I see,sorry i didnt see that later,if with confirmation it would be nice :slight_smile:

Bruv, because you and Alfhan are hardcore farmers XD. My fingers hurt after I salvage 50 legend items, not to mention that I have to Salvage crystals too. If these two ideas will be granted I think it’s good for binge farmers whos busy and can only play if they have only one day off a week (like me) :joy:

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I don’t farm too much unless a whole day free and if I’m interested. I do normal chill farms and if I actually need something, I spend an entire day to make sure of it (if the opportunity is there).
Normally I farm when walking and if I have a 30 minute free time in college (lunch time). I mean 1-2 hours is a lot of time in farming but when I’m really serious, I play much more. Only really serious when I have to be.

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good idea

  1. Salvage/Convert all Legends. Agree but it should exempt Eternal or Crystal Legends though.
  2. 50/50. Disadvantage to newbies but useful for old players. Maybe being able to input a specific amount through number keys with max amount convertible to 1000.
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