Sanctuary, Deadly Arts, Glasscannon


I’m newbie here, so my Reply count expired. This is new acc :sunglasses:

  1. Yep, i’m from Russia, so i making mistakes… Sry :smile: .
  2. You can use +25% quality and 100lvl item and roll it in about 3 gems / item.
  3. Yes. But not all recasts r with such delay.
  4. It says when you attack. So continously attack means forever for me. Just tested on Ricochet with +75 APS and didn’t die (about 8 hits per sec) :cold_sweat: So, i desided to make a build on it.
    Then i used Whirlwind for moving and it’s worked.
    Then i added Cyclone, Nova and Taunt PROC with Frozen, after Crushing Flames with Ascendent and Arcanist, after Glasscannon and so on.
    I’m pulling all mobs to me, with Elemental Crits and Arcanist making them suffer Elem Conditions and die in Frozen Explosion :smiling_imp:
    Just need a little more invincibility! :rage:
  5. Thanks :wink:
  6. I’ll try later. First of all, i’ll test it with Mirrorcast, and if NO, then i’ll try Block + Dodge + Sanctuary to minimise chances of dying.
    I think now i need 2 Green with HA. Time for cheating in the name of good intentions!

BTW is there any way to remove my hero from arena? Currently i’m not interested in it, but i can be banned from now on.


Nice thread :smile: .





Tank in a mall!! XD