Sanctuary, Deadly Arts, Glasscannon

  1. Will Deadly Arts set reset Sanctuary mythic cooldown?
  2. If i have 1Hp (Glasscannon), but 100% dmg reduction (From Hyper Armor) will Sanctuary trigger only when i’m actualy resieving dmg, or even when the dmg reduced to 0.

I’m currently using 100% Hyper Armor from 4 Leg Items and Knight’s Charge or Witherwind. Mostly i’m unkillable by any damage, but some times i got oneshot. I don’t know, maybe it’s cos of skill using delay (but skill cooldown is less than it’s lenght), or maybe some DOT effect can still damage me through resist or it’s a BUG (cos same happens with any other skills or attacks, even with 75% APS).
Anyway, i want be protected in this rare cases. My dessision is Sanctuary. 30 sec CD is ok, but to be sure, i want reduce this time as much as possible. So Deadly Arts came to mind.

I’ll accept any other suggestions to prevent this dying (0-3 per floor). But “have more health” or changing it to mana not an option. I’m already using “Energy” and 100% Glass + 50% Barbarin + 100% push the limit. And focused only on dmg and invincibility, not mana or health. Also i’m on 2500k+ floor, so i’ll die even with mill HP and good reduction.

I’m also have 0 Block and 0 Dodge. So, they r still can be used with Sanctuary, but i’ll waste much more usefull affixes to rise them to 75 75 (or even 50 50) than for 1 that affects Sanctuary’s cooldown.
Both Block and Dodge without Sanctuary won’t provide me 100% cance to escape this 1 shot. I’ll still die sometimes.


1 sanctuary is not skill, and it doesn’t have primary even sanctuary is not a special skill, so NO


Deadly Strikes have a (1 * rank)% chance to finish all Cooldowns. From codex. So, i hoped :slight_smile:


Any thoughts exept Block and Dodge?
And still no aswer on Q2. Will Sanctuary proc only when i’ll actualy die, or it can be put on cooldown before?

For example, my HP is 1. DMG is 10000. But it was redused by HA to 0. Or Blocked, or Dodged.
Sanctuary will trigger after this calculations (so it won’t be triggered actualy) or before(and it will)?


sanctuary has 30seconds cooldown tho


Where will you use it PVE or PVP?


PVE Only, Hyper Block can’t be 100% in PVP even with Green items. Summary 200% will be 80% in pvp. With 1 HP it’s useless…


Hyper Armor is nothing in PVE or PVP :blush: change it . Its just a chance

Use x2 PtL x1 Barbarian x2 Glasscannon dont use Defense type Affixes even if it is Legend.

Sanctuary is good . This is not a Skill its a Mythic triggers when your life is 10% and it has cooldown of 10 sec not qualified in Deadly Arts Effect . SORRY :blush:


Hyper Armor = invincibility 99% of time. I’m playing Warior and it’s mele, so Block and Dodge wont help, also they need more affixes wich i can put in dps.

I just trying to manage with this 1%.


What floor you are right now ?

Old players/Pro Players/Floor Hikers/Farmers doesnt use that Affix but its up to you. Good Luck. :blush:

When the Floor is going up DMG Reduction Change due to Enemy vs Player Level…

Floor 1000 M3, someone make a build thats has 400k Armor and 300k Resist but still he only got 85% DMG Reduction.

Floor 2000 M3, whatever you do you will just die if you dont Dodge,Block or Sanctuary.

Floor 3000 M3 up to Eternity, Frozen is the KING of all. ONE SHOT ONE KILL OR YOU’LL BE DEAD. :joy:


With HA i have 100% dmg reduction when i’m attacking, or using skills like witherwind. And vulnerable only during some rare freezes betwen casts.


Yes you have 100% DMG Reduction WHEN YOU ARE ATTACKING. But what if you’re running there’s a Meteor or TnT. Sanctuary can save you once but you’re dead afterwards.


Tested on floor 10000 (some cheat with number for test). Realy long fight with mapkeeper, but, i wasn’t killed in mele fight. Crushing Blows r Billion numbers on full screen. About billions of billions of billions :slight_smile:


I have stun resists and same things. Can’t be frozen and i can run in witherwind, it’s cooldown less than it’s length. I’m attacking constantly


I’m facing realy rare bug, when my hero freezes for a moment before next witherwind cast, about 1 time in 5-10 secs. And sometime, some mob hits me in this moment. It’s realy rare according to mob count and length of this moment (about 0.01sec, don’t know), but it happens.
It looks like UI bug. My skill is already cooldowned, and i’m holding my finger on Skill, but maybe UI trying to use it with some delay. Espesialy when i have lags cos of mob count. With no shadows it’s much better, but again - still happens. About 0-3 times per lvl as i said.


It’s not a bug. It’s just like when casting skill you are prohibited on moving your char thus making u vulnerable to attacks. Also the same when casting stealth. The moment you press the skill u are invincible considering u have 50% dodge. But sometimes u die just a sec when u press the skill so achieving invulnerabilty in the game is impossible.


That’s why i picked Witherwind or Charge as skills. They can be casted while moving, and you can move during them. And most of time my char constantly in them. And i have no Block / Dodge remember?

You cat try it by yourself:

  1. just alter your wep second skill to Witherwind or Charge
  2. make sure you have mana to cast them forever
  3. up you CD Reduce at least by 10% (Up your Dexterity to 20)
  4. now cast and move.
    Some times you will move smoothly with 50% ms bonus, but some times you will be slower for a little moment - this is the moment skill ends, and next one not casted yet (but alredy cooldowned).

I think this type of skills (Charge and Witherwind) should be possible to cast during previos cast. I mean if you have skill ready, you cast it and continue this stance. Cos they looks like staces. You just spinning around all time.
But they recasted as all other skills, after previos cast ends. And some times(obviosly not every time) there is delay.

  1. now, if you have enough of this red dust and gems, craft 4 leg items from codex (Rogue, last page) with Hyper Armor. Roll 25% on 4 this affexes. Now you have 100% Hyper Armor.
  2. clear this 4 items from other affexes and all yor gear. To be sure you have no DMG or Protection.
  3. make Energy for mana.
  4. begin Test. Find lots of strong enemies and use skill. You wan’t be killed long long time. Maybe ever.
  5. now run, maybe change floor, and BANG you r dead for no reason)


You can also use some PROC to notice moment of recast. And you’ll see when you r casting it smooth, and when you stopped for a tick.

Anyway, now i’m thinking about Mirrorcast with 1s delay.
It seems Mirrorcast have no CAP (can be 100%) and Charge last 1.5 sec long when it’s on 20lvl. So, maybe i’ll be able to be in Mirrorcasted Charge when i’ll cast Carge by myself and Mirrorcast it again for next time… Or something like that :slight_smile:


I’ll try to craft those items now and see it for myself. Dying 3 times on high floor is not that bad. If you are trying to achieve 0 deaths then maybe its impossible after all since every game has flaws in it. Anyway if you are asking for survivabilty you were already answered by the previous commentor.


Things that i noticed:

  • you keep saying witherwind when it’s actually whirlwind. :grin:
  • i wasted tons of diamonds to get 100% HA but it does not matter. It is easy to obtain.
  • you are right… I did not die at all. But the only time i died was when i tried to recast it.
  • where did u find the desc. that u need to continously attack in order to get the effect of hyperarmour??
  • it was a great discovery to be honest
  • try using it as an AI maybe it will solve that hidden 1% chance.