So guys I’ve discovered sanctuary, i need tips!

Sanctuary will work best on Wizard when you have +60% or better Dodge. putting a Crystal +45% Block on your OH would help a lot. I used Dodge +60%, Block +45%, and Sanctuary for a long time, and you can still die, just not as much when you don’t have any of these.

for a Warrior with a 100% Block Build or Rogue with a Permastealth build, Sanctuary can help to keep you alive a little better.

for Builds, since you survive with 10% of your HP before you get totally healed, using this with Defiant or Bloodmagic, or using it with Defiant, Bloodmagic, and Masochism Sets, you can get a huge Damage Spike every time Sanctuary activates, as Bloodmagic & Defiant do more damage the lower your HP is. I’ve been thinking of using Sanctuary with Cerebral Vortex Set, whatever hit me and activated my CV will get hit with 3 Torrents, and I can either attack or retreat, depending on the enemy.

the down side is that after Sanctuary activates, it has a 30 second cool down before it can activate again. which is why the Dodge +60% and Block +45% is important.


What are the best options for 60% dodge?

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Pathfinder would be great! Coz if you have dodge your basic dmg would enhance, [(you can also get dodges in the {{{nature}}} evasion)]

every Character automatically has +10% Dodge. Warriors with a Shield on their OH also get a +10% Block.

if you put a Crystal +30% Dodge, an Epic +10% Dodge, and 20 Hero Points in Dexterity (gives +10% Dodge, Movement Speed, and Cooldown), with the base +10% Dodge you get +60% Dodge. if you drop the +10% Dodge and go for two +10 Dexterity for Dexterity +40, you can get +60% Dodge that way. doing it the Dexterity way takes up an extra space compared to +10 Dodge, but you also get +20% to Movement Speed and Cooldown. the other difference is it’s easy to use a Crystal to put +10% Dodge on an Item, while Dexterity can only be found on certain Legend Items as it can’t be rolled with Ruby.

Pathfinder (5) with +60% Dodge gives +37.5% Damage and Damage Reduction.