Sanji's pve build

What is Plagued for if you’re using lightning?

For hp +125% ar+125%

Depending on how high you plan on going floor-wise, you may want to invest in Dodge or higher DPS instead of HP and Armor. At a certain point, enemies will just one-hit you.

Whats with all the exp gain? You only need to reach 100 once and even in the update, afterr you ascend you wont be able to quip the gear until you reached level 50. So i think exp gain would have been better on some low level gear while you had another build that would take the character to 100 without it needing to do any work

Other than that, good build although you will need to rething the caps because in the update the perks give +200% gold/luck and mythic 3 gives 350% gold/luck so you wont need so much gold/luck on the gear… Actually, thinking about it, the item natures will probably be enough with two epic affixes, one for luck and the other for gold. After that its maxed… You will need to go over item drops though, but ill leave that to you

But… beyond cap…

Ooh missed that, still dont need much to reach the cap though…