Satyr gold find

How much armor u get from gold find with satyr?

Satyr’s Spirit at 5 gives 62.5% boost on your AR and MP base on your Gold Find in gear.

Let say you have 255% GF and use 6 Greed as your nature. We will use this equation :

1+(62.5% * (255%+150%))

62.5% - saty’rs spirit at 5
255% - Obsidian crystal GF
150% - 6 Greed Nature

= 1+(62.5% * (255%+150%))
= 1+(62.5% * (405%)
= 1+(2.53)
= 3.53

Let say you have 1,500 AR and 5,000 MP. We use the answer above.

AR = 1,500 * 3.53
AR = 5,295

MP = 5,000 * 3.53
MP = 17,650

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Certainly. There’s no real limit to how much gold find you add on gear so you can get high AR% and MP%+ in PvP and PvE.

Kinda makes the caps of Gold Find and Luck useless ATM in arena .

It’s based on gear and not caps so yeah.

The same is the of Fauns Gift but swap luck with gold find and swap MP% with HP%+ and swap AR to All resists

I don’t think gold find from Natures is a part of the equation. only the gold find affixes that are on the gears. if your total gold find is 500%, and 150% is from all your Natures being Gold, Satyr only uses the 350% on the gears, not the 150% from the Natures.

Actually the nature is part of the equation for both Satyrs spirit and Gold find. It is technically part of your gear and many who used Fauns gift will see why. Also Satyrs spirit too.

There is a visible difference in HP change using Fauns gift + 150% nature that basically anybody uses. Same with Satyrs spirit in terms of actual damage reduced for eg and possibly more MP to use.

ok, thanks for the correction. I hadn’t tested it, but I thought I had read about this subject in other threads.

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