Scooty Gift: Aswang Build Release

The only way to make farming interesting is if you could drop totally unique items not available to anyone else to craft. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: (DQ /2 ) idea. A random item generation that allows any affix within a permitted set of restrictions to be generated ( ( the item could be named after the player ). That would cause havoc with hackers. Then you could simply write a clean up program to remove unallowed things. There would be no advantage for anyone to cheat.


What the 2 million armor thats insane

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Thanks crafting about (ASWANG). Let make have fun again.


No not the craft of aswang PM me i teach you with an exactly combination.


I have a question how to obtain scoundrel in helm Iโ€™m try 20 times amethyst in my helm but no scoundrel :disappointed_relieved:

Welcome back @romfandagani

Scoundrel set is an option with Amethyst but it seems to roll โ€œeasierโ€ on Wizard gears. If you are trying to get Scoundrel on Warrior or Rogue, Jasper to Wizard then roll scoundrel and voila. I had to do that myself even though it is not a class specific set.


Oh. Poor you. Scoundrel is now available to get from amethyst with any class.

Try this if you have wizard character, try one of my tricks(I might publish this soon):

  1. Use jasper to turn your
    helm to wizard

  2. Make you wizard character wear it.

  3. Get back to main screen.

  4. Play campaign with wizard.

  5. Use amethyst on wizard wearing the hat.

  6. Your chances of getting scoundrel set should be higher now

Edit: lol. Mr Scooty clicked โ€œsaveโ€ at the same time as me after typing. But well :grin:


The highest 1v1 eternal arena division was top of eternal division 3 . Now Iโ€™m have to tweak the bad wolf and Strawberry Fields builds but It is going to be tough.


Pardon my ignorance. You have battle mage and scoundrel sets which change the mainhand skills. Which will take precedence ? Is this build strong enough to reach eternal league ? Thanks.

i think with a high armor it can handle a heavy damage with out getting K.O.

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My dickwad character had both scoundrel and battlemage together. It was very much a tank. Battlemage took precedence over scoundrel. I donโ€™t know why but it just did.

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Thank you all for the replies. I will set up a new warrior and level him to 99 for PVP purpose. :slight_smile: