Scooty Gift: Aswang Build Release

Build release for Aswang Warrior

No additional descriptions, explanations or disclaimers required. This build was focused for an all-around build to counter most build types.

Awang Chest Options

Chest option 1 Exposed

Chest option 2 Ruptured

Chest option 3 Sureshot

Flawless Trinket Option

Bloodless Trinket Option
very good vs other immortal


Wow amazing. :+1::grin::+1:


This post is a good way to improve the use of Farming Builds and Arena. Thanks for your contributions to this game Mr. Scooty.

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thankyou for sharing my teacher :boredparrot:


A quick google search of “Aswang” will lead you to a terrifying Filipino folklore…


Sharing the best AIs of the best craftsman is a win/win for everyone.

*New players can have the advantage of getting superbuilds in an instant without the requisite of learning anything at all :sleepy:

*Old and advanced players who will be facing these builds will be forced to improve their current crafts or bring out their ace cards. :spades::heart::sunglasses::diamonds::clubs:

Thanks for sharing @Mr_Scooty. :trophy:


hindi lang yan best IA pa :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: when Mr_Scooty teach me how to get harder AI set’s.


Nice build @Mr_Scooty :sunglasses:

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Thank you everyone. I posted the exact version of the build I was using. The Aswang had several different chest and head pieces but the one I posted is the exact version that was in the arena for approximately 2 years. You also get the benefit of 100s of hours I spent getting the AI settings optimized.


Your are a filipino gamer @HawkEye i hope you to talk with me in filipino :heart_eyes: i’ll try to PMming message with you sir soon.


Try to get it up again on the top potage (ASWANG). I miss you to in longlongtime ago. Sir @Mr_Scooty :ok_hand::sweat_smile: it’s time to get it back again on the arena.


thank you for the great build dude

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Welcome to the community Ulquiorra!

Yes. This is a great build. You should also chech out his other builds.


Thank you @olkyora and welcome to the community!!! :smiley:


Notes about this craft:

Block from shield = 10% from using shield plus added 2% from Bulwark talent on block for five seconds.

On block, you gain 10% chance to cast Shieldwall from Phalanx talent.

Dodge is 25% (10% base and 5%x3 = 15% from Scoundrel set).

My exact AI settings will relentlessly pursue your opponent. Especially with Enigma mythic on OH.

Stun Resist afiix provides massive countermeasure to barrage crafts reducing their stun duration:

1st stun from 1 sec to 0.4 sec
2nd stun from 0.5 sec to 0.2 sec
3rd (last) stun from 0.3 sec to 0.1 sec

Perseverance reduces any bleed by 40% - use 2 of these to fully counter most hybrid builds since they use Berserker bonus for 200% bleed damage added to their hit.

Permafrost bonus provides HP/MP with Alchemy. Harmony mythic maintains those levels until you encounter very high spike damage.

Craft above provides 90.96% continuous reduced damage. Damage reduction becomes 93.54% when Shieldwall is cast from Phalanx talent on block.

Craft HP is 41,330 and MP is 31,101 (good counter versus Sureshot builds).

You can move Alchemy mythic to MH, remove Perseverance and add 5K flat ED to ring providing power of 538 or 15% increase in damage but there are a lot of bleed users in Eternal Div 1 and 2. You can also remove stun resist, add 5K flat ED and have 538 power or do both changes for 606 power. I converged to the build I posted due to all the variations of crafts I faced in Division 1.


Well I think new players are truly spoilt for choice with guide shares @Mr_Scooty and all us other players who have revealed their builds. If I was new players I’d would look at all these guides and consider hybrids. Just a suggestion which many will disagree with. Hope you all have fun creating the next generation of builds.


However come DQ2 the game is on :imp:

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600+ power on immortal with bloodless trinket?
:scream: Oh no. Now @Mr_Scooty has already uncovered my hybrid’s secret.

There you got it… enjoy.


nuique i’m not sure to get stroger build like deffender warrior but also i can get farming hardly because my resources are very poor. take time for that i can get with that soon.


I believe you can farm the resources. :wink:

Pray to God that He may bless your fingers with more harvest. I know you really really want to get @Mr_Scooty’s duo. It is going to cost a lot of resources so have patience.

I wish you enjoy your farming journey. The best builds await you. :muscle:


Farming … :sob: