Scooty Gift: Immortal Build Reveal


I’m going to replace command with scalp. Finally entered eternal 1v1 division 5.


For some unknown reason casting storm seems to have a knock back effect. It’s a keeper


hey bro im sorry but i didnt get what you mean. ayusin mo english mo. laptrip. ahahaha


Hi sir scooty


Kinda new in DQ. Was trying to make the one you shared above but im having hard time doing it. Im loosing many crystals but havent affixed spell sword set on my MH. Huhu


Hello @BattleKnight. :smiley:

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Jasper the gear to warrior. Spell sword set is warrior exclusive set. :+1:


Thanks for the quick response sir. Oh. So there are sets or affixes intended just for one job type?. This one helped me a lot. Haha


This set is not required but greatly helps for a portion of the continuous damage reduction you obtain from Resistance. You also gain a benefit to increase your MP. Resist and MP increase by 60% respectively when you have 1 spell sword set.


I see… I think I should read a bit more. Some terms are still confusing to me. Lol


@dickwad I learned that Storm has a Knock Back effect awhile ago, and at first I didn’t like Storm. if you can Freeze, Stun, Slow, Paralyze, Taunt your enemy, they will stay in the Storm instead of getting knocked out of the Storms AoE. in the Arena, those effects don’t work all the time, but the knock back effect is good for keeping the enemy busy for a moment. lasts for 5 seconds, and makes a good trap if the other Toon has to go through it to get to you.


Im going to have taunt resist on at least one item. @Golem I like storm because you can cast it on the run and it spawns summons and it knocksback



2v2 player is the bane of my life. Eternal 2v2 is soo close


my 2v2 is in limbo in Legend Division 2 until I finish Ascending my second Character. I guess my 1v1 is in limbo in Eternal Division 10 for the same reason. a few more battles, and 2v2 Eternal League will welcome you with open arms holding swords and magic. :crossed_swords: :crystal_ball: @dickwad


@Golem and @Mr_Scooty. Checked my 1v1 raking this morning and now eternal division 4. Going to test the build minus the alchemy resource


I think my main wizard needs a bling eternal ring or amulet with an empty socket just to make him jazzy. I’m cruising all characters eternals with jaspers and elixirs at the ready. I feel sorry for him. All my other characters are prancing around with an eternal disaster caprice with a master stone. So it’s time to give him an eternal item


Liking the arena


LOL. several times that i faced that Warrior (KIMPOY). lots of HP. funny thing is. he wont attck you. :smiling_imp:



Been experimental :slight_smile: