Seek help,how to exit the account in game

Good morning!My Internet speed is very poor,app running will pause.So I would like to quit my account.

The good ole uninstall button is your best bet

It’s a bad news.

What do you mean? I may not understood your question

I just want to quit my account in the game.

Yea you would have to uninstall to remove the account.

But I don’t want to remove the game data. Well, thank you.

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Yea that is the down fall. But far as I know that is the only way to remove account. Sry bud.

Thank you…

Your welcome…

No,no need to uninstall
First, backup your data to DQ Cloud, then hold your apps icon drag it to apps information, tap clear data, so open the games again and done ! If you want the previous account back, just log in to your previous account :wink:

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some one help me to revive my char? i lost it after i press my email acc and upload staff :frowning:

Hey, please contact our support. I am sure they will help you:

Didn’t know that. Thanks for that tip