Seeking Guidance

Good morning all,

Newer player here about 10 days or so.
Mythic 3 map 275 is about how far I’ve gotten

Using a warrior with taunt n whirlwind.
Have a mage aftermath too

Looking to put together a good farming build to help me build other chars.

Here is what I have .

I do have alittle trouble on how to put procs on gear. I tried with the two weapons u can see. Not bad but not great.

Maybe you could help me straighten it out.

Id like to have it so I can whirl wind all the time and sprint and taunt proc. Very often.


Put 2set number of affix


What I did was I made my hireling the DPS and my main the Meatsheild + looter.

Fauns gift and Vampiric Touch for survivability.
Nadroji, Eternalized and Crystalline are nobrainer.
Max Fortune, Pickup Radius, gold and luck.
Hp, Hp and some more Hp.
Then build your hireling to be able to kill enemies quickly and you got a solid farm team right there.

You dont have to follow everything I wrote here as this build is what I have and not the final true way of making a farming build. You can even do a Hybrid Dps/Farm build if you so wish to do.

This is only an advice. Good luck!


Ok thank you.
I am alittle lost on what gear to use.
I think I understand about removing stats and rolling new ones. But I do get alittle confused about what I am able to put on and ehat stones to use.
Is there a guide on what stats are able to be put on a piece of gear?

Like having crystallized and plus skills on same gear.

Thats just an example.


How do I go about adding another set add?

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Nadroji Ring & Amulet, and a Rogue necklace have +2 All Set, and there is a Myth Stone that goes on Ring & Amulet that is +2 All Set (Cap is +4. Set Cap is 8).

if you have Defiant (1) on your MH weapon, and two +2 All Set on your Ring & Neck, you would have Defiant (5). if you have Equality (4) on your Chest, Head, Ring, & Neck, with two +2 All Set, you would have Equality (8).

just do a Search :mag: on Farm Builds and Farm Teams. some posts are old, but the main idea for Farm Builds is what is important.


There is 2 way to put +2 set number to get…
1st on ruby crystal

And you will get this enchantment
And the 2nd is by putting elixer on empty socket

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Excellent thank you

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+All Set can’t be rolled with Ruby (if you want to roll 100 Ruby’s…). it is a Legend affix that can only be found on certain items or placed on your Ring or Neck Items with Elixer Myth Stone.

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