Sell items price

After last update the prices of times are so low that it is not even worth to identify them. The update was supposed to bring armor prices inline with weapons, but it LOWERED both of them. The most I have seen is a 99 legendary for 2k…used to be some weapons were 4k. The armor that is gold or even epic is not worth it without skills, and identifying to see it costs more than the armor itself! Why did you guys lower the gold earning rate?

Also, I can’t understand how to get physical resistance, I have 3k magic resistance but like 45 physical, I dont know what gives me the magic rez, does anyone have a warrior with high physical rez, what do you use?

Item prices are going to be brought back up significantly, this was a mistake on our part! Patch for that should be ready soon. We’re also throwing in lower Reroll costs, and will be looking at enchanting prices soon.

Physical resistance is given by the “Physical Resistance” item affix, which looks like “Phy Res” on the small item info panel.

Thanx Steiger, I thought something was weird! To be honest, the reroll, even on legendaries was not so bad after floor 120 as the cash came in pretty fast - maybe a reroll every 4-5 levels.
I do understand it is from that affix, but obviously it does not get to 3000 easily and i dont even have magic resistance affix, so where did it come from? The item affixes are very small, like less than 100, but my magic res is 3000.

I bet you… you’re wearing “The Angel’s Might” probably right? Looks like “Blessed” is bugged to give WAY more resistance than intended, decimal error that was never picked up in testing. Good find! :smile:

Yeah! without it I have 170, with it 3000+. My question then is, how do i survive beyond 125floor…I get 1hit killed by some mobs and i have most of my points in vitality, and pretty geared towards armor.

Whenever you get the chance, mind posting your defensive stats and health?

Post floor 100, I see a lot of warrior players with Axe/Horn combo, so I assume they are doing what worked really well for me… activating horn and kiting away from harder mobs while whirlwinding. That being said, we also want defensive and “in your face” offensive strategies to work just as well, cause kiting forever can get old, and is a bit silly for warrior :smile:

We’ll be looking at talents/skills more and will make adjustments to ineffective/least used talents to make them all just as viable. For warrior specifically, Hammer, Lance, and defensive talents are our first target.

85 power
129 health
20 mana

22440 hp
8900 mana
4782-7969 dps

19549 rating
9.25 dodge
59 block
38 physical
139 spell
46 poison
4.39 hp leech
445 mp regen
1.22 mp leech

21k dps
3.33 atps
12.2 crit chance
24 crit dmg
3 skulls
2 extra attacks

Thanks for the info! One thing Steiger is working on now is changing how the Thorns mechanic works. It will not be “on” or “active” 100% of the time, this will allow players to attack without taking damage. That will give you some breathing room for sure!

I’m looking at resist effectiveness, armor, and defensive talents to see if I can’t make it more viable to be defensively focused later in the game, more to come soon.