Seriously i have no idea

Men if can’t understand my english i’m sorry i will correct them later

So i’m here finally noticed that this game is has a forums(after 6 months playing)and i’m here don’t know what are you talking about builds
1.what are those and how to get build them it ok to get mythical(i think,i don’t know)on level 20+ i have it and it’s crimson pendant because it has cyan color
3.i don’t know if you are level 99,do you still need mythstone?because i don’t know how to make a better better equipment there was a farm thingy in this game?,can i have an idea how tp farm
5.what dp you farm,i have no ideaUploading…

here read this guide all information u wna know are all der. GL

  1. A build is a term used in this environment to describe a completed set of gear so all 6 pieces + pet

  2. Cyan gear is called a crystal legend they are very rare and are legendary gear that spawns with a crystal affix on them a crystal affix is also cyan

  3. Mythstones are incredibly valuable late game but late game in this game is long after you’ve hit 99 so don’t worry too much just always save them up

  4. Farming is a common piece of gaming terminology used to describe the repetitive task of trying to earn specific drops so a farming build is one designed to do an effecient job of this task

  5. Well this one is easy you’re already doing it! Dungeon quest is primarily a game about farming various gear and items so just by playing you’re farming