Set affiex

guys im new to this game and very in to it. just a question how do you do those set afixes? help please

Set affix can be obtained on Legend items+ or by using Amethyst gem on an item with no other set affix(can be removed with a Kyanite gem) and must have, at most, 5 affixes on the item.

ohh tnx a lot. been looking for an answer of that. so i saw something like this bucanner(1) but i see bucanner (5) how can i increase that??? tnx a lot for the guide sir

To increase that number, you can equip other items with the affix on it, or you can use the All Sets +2 affix which is obtained by finding a Nadroji Amulet/Stone or placing the Elixir Mythstone in jewelry.

so i just need to find a good set affix then add 5 slots to it right?? another Q. i see that for example max dmg 5000additional attack but i only get 4793 what stone should i use to increase it??? to max 5000

tnx a lot guys for the help im really into this game

Make sure the item lvl is 100 first. If it is the you have better chances to roll the damage the higher quality of the item. If it’s quality is +25% you wouldn’t have much problem to get 5000 roll.

ohhh now i see. btw whats the best gun for a rogue. i currently have a lvl 100 restless storm of the blessed 1% quality? do i pursue on upgrading it?? or what. tnx a lot guys apreciate it

It depends on what your goal is. Farming? You need an Eternalized Gun or bow or a Glinting Slicer(Crystallne). You would pair that with a hat with the opposite set.

That’s just one example. Figure what you want to do then you can use the codex to find where the items you need are located.

Edit: you can also go to the DQ wiki at

yes as a newbie im currently looking for a farming type rogue. what do you mean by pair that with a hat the opposite set. tnx again sir

This build is a great farming build for flintlock rogues:

What @Erimar_Silverleaf meant was that there are only two items with the affix Crystalline on them. The same goes for Eternalized. If you wear the weapon with crystalline, you would have to wear the hat with Eternalized.

ohhh now i see. so this MF build is good. but i think i got a long way to go before having that i dont even know where to start and what to 1st get. im just currently inching my way to floor 200 and saving all the stones i have… those eternal items are too hard to get i only have 2 and its a trap and a ring T_T