Set Affix Bonus (Negative Affixes)

@cronos4321, @Msiiek, @tdaniel, @Refia and anyone can read this message pls help me… :pray:
I have a question… Is Negative Affix Requirements also reduce to lv20 when your at Battle Arena? Or it still the same?
For example the

  1. Epiphany Hat
    (70% Increase Total DMG when atleast 70%_ Attack Speed on Equipmnt)
  2. Cerebral Vortex OH
    (Increase 150% Total DMG of Torrent when Atleast 25% Resource Cost on Equipmnt)

Is this Negative Affix Requirmnts Reduce? Please help me… Dont know what to do… Thanks a lot.:facepunch:

Requirements and bonus are scaled down by .4, rounded up.


So its means when Im in Farm/Adventure Mode and I complete the requirmnts of Negative Affixes and the bonus is activated … and when I go to Battle Arena, is Negative Affix Bonus also activated in Battle Arena? Is my theory right? Sir?

For example when Im in Adventure Mode,

Cerebral Vortex OH needs 25% Resource Cost to Activate the Bonus… And I have Crystal Affix of 45% Resource Cost so the Bonus was sctivated…

But when Im in Battle Arena… All the Affixes are Reduced down to lv20… Is it still that the Bonus of Cerebral Vortex OH still activated even all the Affixes in Arena where reduced down to 20?

Thanks for the upcoming answer .:facepunch:

He already answered your question. Dependent affixes are scaled by 0.4. That mean that in PVP you will need 0.425=10 Resource cost to activate it and when you do, you will only get 0.4150%=60% boost in Torrent DMG.


Oh thank @Clogon for the clear equation :raised_hands: