Set Affix Bonuses


guys lets make a topic about it, explain about it


  1. if the set affix bonus requirements are scaled down, the bonuses effect are scaled down also?

  2. how about the ephipany bonus requirements? it is scaled down also? scaled down to what?

  3. the cerebral vortex bonus which in the last patch no scaling requirements, the bonuses reqirement of this is scaled down in this patch? same question in the effect of this?

i guest in this topic we clarify all that, thanks mUch for answering

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  1. Yes, it will only affect at pvp
  2. Yes, not sure about the exact scale down
  3. Yes again


in 5000HP/MP regen given by Permafrost and druidic bonus, it is scaled down to what? we cant calculate it if we dont know how it scaled down in arena,
a level 20 legend nightsong (druidic bonus) has a 5000HP regen also, we cant based on arena rules that all item are scaled down to lvl20, because it has 5000HP regen also in lvl20


I think @Mr_Scooty made a thread about this.

PvP Set Bonus Activation Details


i read it thanks @PaNgaHazZz but this is my another question
how did scooty know that 40% scaled down the bonuses? where did he got that 40%?


Maybe we should ask him.

@Mr_Scooty how did you know that 40% is the scale use for bonuses in arena?


we cant finally know that 40% is the scalling percent unless we can see in arena, it is in our mind for now saying that but totally we cant prove it


steiger box or any dq device can answer that, not a beta tester or a normal player, because we cant see the effect of the bonus even if it is activate


how we can test that if we cant see the Mp? if we dont know the excat amount of mp we have,?


Permafrost is only 2000/second. You copied my explanation of druidic bonus.

Permafrost MP Regen is calculated as 5000x0.40=2000/second MP Regen

The extra factor you have listed was 25%/rank for Druidic set which increases Regen by 25%/rank or Druid (3) = 1+(3x0.25) or 1.75 x 2000 = 3,500 / second HP Regen.

The dev did not provide this information nor do they give us unlimited crystals, mythstones or menus with how to make everything. Every player has the ability to conduct tests and figure things out on their own. I have provided this data for all players to help level the PvP playing field along with how to calculate PvP damage reduction and how to precisely calculate PvP HP/MP.

Epiphany is not set based bonus nor is Cerebral Vortex.


tnx for explaining :blush: in ephipany and cerebral vortex bonuses, what is the exact value of requirements we need to activate that?


The last time I activated CV bonus, it required 25% resource cost (had to obtain portion from gear nature’s). I am solely going off memory but it’s the same requirement listed on the OH Skull and it had a reduced damage by 40% of whatever the damage increase from CV bonus is supposed to become (150%x40% = 60% torrent damage increase). I did not try to activate Epiphany Bonus at 70% Aspd in PvP.


curius question how can you prove that the effect of bonuses are scaled down to 40%??
luisfk (wizard) using ephipany bonus but i think he didnt know the exact value ro activate the bonuses


I am not sure of the intent or where you are headed with this discussion. The last time I tested this data my findings were consistent. However, bugs do occur and nothing is ever perfect. You have everything you need to perform your own tests to figure out what you are asking. Also stated in my prior response, I did not try or test the epiphany bonus so I cannot say anything about what it takes to obtain the damage bonus.