Set Affix Defiant Bug

Best Set affix to all sets, but in this patch i cant feel the effect of increasing dmg

i think it is now the time that we need to remove it in our build, its better to change it to pathfinder

Well defiant isnโ€™t the best for PvE like it once was now that thereโ€™s demonic, electrocution, pathfinder, etc. Itโ€™s still a must have for PvP though (damage Reduction is high).

You mean defiant in PVP. Not PvE ? Yes idont feel defiant. So annoying in this patch. Try to use some much better sub set affixes.

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Huhuhuh. What you say. I already said that defiant isnโ€™t best for PvE but a must have for PvP.

last patch i saw defiant increase a little bit power but now no increasing power, i cant feel the effect, and yes defiant is the best set in pvp :blush:

Defiant increase DMG as I felt but a huge asset to DMG Reduction as well . Itโ€™s a bit of both. Also increased by an extra 15% at (3) in arena from the original 15% as you get low hp or very close.