Set Affixes

Hi guys, i’ve been spending almost 2 hours to find defiant set affix on warrior and it still didn’t appear. Is there a specific way to obtain these affixes. I need the affix to complete the build on the forum.

thank you

you need nadroji, luck and item drop affix and kill epic enemy

I don’t quite follow you. I need luck for the affix to appear or do I need to kill epic enemies and the affix is random on drops ?

thank you

The gear with defiant on it drops from epic tier enemies and above equipping and equipping nadroji gear will boost the drop chance :smile:

thanks a lot for your reply. What about a build that implies battle mage on a warrior. I googled it was a wizard exclusive, so I have to get the set affix on wizard and change the item to warrior ?

You can get it on an item for a wizard or a rogue and then jasper it too a warrior yup! :smile:

thank you for your reply. I have one more question regarding legend affix ( + element damage %). Is it obtainable through ruby cause I never got the line

Nope just through drops :smile:

Hope this might help :wink:

How do you get these unknown affixes with “???” marks on all gears and also on pet and trophy?

it will go like that when you’rrle at eternal league arena

i got defiant just this day… i maxed my luck and drop rate through bucanner set

Putting Hunter mythic on a ring and equipping it will also help you by spawning more epic enemies from shrines :smile:

you can just have 3 epic enemies always maps…just apply larimar and diamond till you can get 3% epic enemies affix…

Yeah and the Enshrined ascension perk will also help once you’re ready to get it. Enshrined, Hunter, and Epic Enemy affix will spawn you about ~8-15 Epic enemies a floor. Good chances for netting you more ultra rare Legendaries. Every 3-4 floors you’ll get a Legendary enemy and eventually a Mythic one as a bonus :))