Set Bonus Affixes (Bug or Not?)

After using Kyanite to remove the Permafrost Set affix in Icicle Crown with Permafrost Bonus, now I can’t obtained the Set affix using Amethyst. I’ve already wasted 15 Amethyst but with no luck at all. I’ve tried this also with Firestorm with Crushing Flames Bonus and the same result.

Is this a bug or not?

Well i noticed that too. But i did not bother asking it here. Lol

Maybe it was intended. Tough luck.

Nah it wasn’t intended. Although it could have been but dust makes this easy anyway. Dust is super easy .

bad luck imo

I am still trying to wrap my head around why you would remove the set affix. I understand you are crafting a mythic but outside of the bonus I am not certain what is useful enough to lose precious Amethyst… especially 15 of them. :scream:


I still dont quite understand why the mythstone ELIXIR does not seem to boost my set ranks / numbers… it seemingly does nothing at all far as i can tell (in jewelry) on any stat anywhere. :confused:

Cap is +4 sets in PvE. Therefore, if you already have legend affix +2 sets on ring and amulet, then there will be no difference.

Let’s pretend you have no +2 sets on your ring or amulet in PvE. Now let’s pretend you have one gear with Reactor set giving Reactor (1). If you had Reactor sets on Helmet and Mainhand in the same scenario then your gears would show Reactor (2). Now, let’s pretend you add Elixir mythstone to your Ring for +2 Sets. Now, your Reactor would show Reactor (4) --> Two from Elixir and Two from Reactor sets. Following that thought trail, now you add a Nadroji amulet with the coveted +2 sets legend affix. Now, your Reactor would show Reactor (6) --> Two from Nadroji +2 Sets, Two from Elixir and Two From Reactor Sets. Now, let’s pretend you have all the gears from the previous exercise and you now add Elixir to your Nadroji Amulet. This would make your Reactor (6), you cannot go over +4 PvE cap. You would need 4 Reactor gears plus +2 sets on Ring and amulet to obtain Reactor (8) --> 4 Reactor gears, +2 Sets Ring and +2 Sets Amulet.

I hope that helped out.


Oh… duhh. Sheet. K, think i get it. Im using nadj ring eternal. Makes sense now. Ty

Yes, then that Nadroji gear would have +4 sets.

I thought I’m just being unlucky for not getting the set affix I want. That is why I spend almost 15 Amethyst on that item.

Haha it’s fine. I wasted 50+ Rubies one time trying to get Fear Proc (affix does not exist).


Mistakes are inevitable. You need those to learn and be better.

Obviously. They helped me alot. I made way too many mistakes but at least I learnt from them. I really took my time to try and be the very best. Pokémon song.