Set bonus/fortune "runner" build

So - a lot of bits to this one.
Trying to make a main with max luck/Gf, etc. This just dropped.

I don’t need the nadroji affix on it - the set bonus is what I’m after. There’s a few others set bonuses (crystaline/Mythical) that I still need in the build. Also I have Faun’s gift on my current helm, and it buffs my survivability through the roof.

What I’m thinking is that I can strip nadroji from the new helm, and apply a new set affix, with no risk, other than using expensive crystals. If I use an obsidian on it though - I might get a useless affix that can’t be stripped again.
So - the question is:
How much luck would you need on a main to cap luck if the only luck your hireling provide is 52,5% from heroic fortune skill. (1300-52,5?)
Is nadroji set bonus valuable enough to NOT apply a crystal affix to the helmet?
(I can sack some % gold find if needed)

  1. Farming Build [Warrior] Fortune Bringer
    Griffin is saying here that this dont work now. You need 650 on both heroes (main and hire)

I saw that, but I’m, asking cause I think they changed it again? :slight_smile:

Ah okay. This would be great :smile:

Anyone with an input on whether the nadroji bonus is something that is worth getting?

As I read it the effect gives a higher amount of rare mobs - what I’m interested in, is whether that results in more/better drops as well?

Any input welcome!

  1. you need to hit cap on both hireling and main because you can’t go above the cap when it comes to averaging it caps you and then averages

  2. yes Nadroji bonus is incredibly powerful for farming :smile:

So basically anything beyond 300% extra Gf and luck on main+hireling is a waste? (if you farm M3 fortune+20?)
As I read it, you can only reach the 1k+ luck via map %?

Yes it is possible to reach higher luck with the epiphany set though :smile:

Rofl… I’ve wasted SO much currency then:p


To follow up on this - these two items will be enough to max luck and GF on my main then?
Anything above what they provide is a waste as I understand it?

I think yes. Except you have epiphany 5 (25% higher cap). 812% luck is the new cap.

Will have to look for Epiphany;)