Set bonus questions

Hey ppl,
Trying to improve my main/warrior here - and looking for inputs.
What is the max set number you can achieve - for example I have “X set affix”(5) at the moment -due to nadroji ring and nadroji necklace (+2+2)
What is the max (X) - I’m thinking 7, because of 6 pieces of gear + 1 pet?

In regards to this - I wanted to ask if anyone knows if I can add elixir to nadroji ring or necklace, so that it becomes +2 set(legend afix) +2 set(mythstone) Dunno if the two are connected somehow, and I don’t wanna waste crystals on experimenting:)

Also - I’m looking for some affixes to add to this nadroji’s crown. I feel like I have plenty of health at the moment, so probably some armor or all resist. I just find it hard to figure out if %based armor or flat armor is the best way to go or/if its better to go for a specific mythstone. Regen seems kinda pointless, unless there’s something that bases it off your max hp?

All inputs are welcome!!


The cap for sets is 8 :smile:

Allright - thank you:)

I think the most beneficial for my setup is gonna be +7:)

Yissss :3

Satyr and faun is based off luck and gold find. Is it the luck and gold find on gear, as in (Heroic’Fortune’) not mattering
as in - even though I reach the 650% cap - the extra % GF/luck I have on my gear over the cap, will still influence Satyr’s and Faun’s gift?

On gear with no cap :smile:

Argh…this same is so hard to figure out:D
So so many stats influencing each other;)
*edit - thank you!

Attempted and somewhat failed.

I had (5) on everything, apart from nadroji (6)
Added socket and elixir to my necklace, expecting to get (7) everything and (8) nadroji - but this is the result.
I’m sure there is something I dont understand here. Tought that elixir worked the exact same way as the legend affix ‘+2 SET NUMBERS +’ that the nadroji pieces are born with?

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You can only have +4 all sets is why :smile:

Ah - makes sense:)
Thank you!

I don’t understand how to make sets … anyone can help ?I’m curious about sets

This is gonna be a long explanation @ichiban but let me give it a go.

SOME items are born with specifix SET affixes - like this one:

If you want a specific set item for your gear - you can farm for those specific legend items - OR you can put a set item affix on your gear, by applying a CRYSTAL:

How to apply crystal you might ask?
There can only be a TOTAL of 6 affixes on your gear - empty socketable = an affix. Also, there can ONLY be ONE set affix on your gear.
SO - if you wanna add a specific SET affix to your gear using a ruby - first of all make sure there is no other set affix(green) on the item and make sure that there is only 5 other affixes on the item.
IF you wanna remove a set affix from an item - use a KYANITE. Kyanite can also remove other affixes - except the blue ones:

IF you have 5 affixes - and no other set(green) affix on the item - you can use a ruby on the item. The ruby will NOT ALWAYS give you the exact set affix that you want, but it will give you some different choices from all of the set-affix options there is. So IF you are lucky, then ruby will make it possible for you to apply the set affix you want - but its about luck:)
So you might end up farming a lot trying to reach your goal, and sometimes its easier to farm for a specific LEGEND(red) item that is born with the affix you want, instead of trying to get it with a ruby,

In general about set affixes - the bonus they give becomes better, the more of a specific set you have equipped.
So ONE piece of ‘FAUN’S GIFTS’ will be displayed like this on your item:
TWO pieces with a (2), etc. Every added piece will give you more of the bonus that the set piece gives - for FAUN’S GIFTS its this (blue box the bonus) (red box - the number increasing if the (X) number is raised):

You dont HAVE to equip 6 pieces of FAUN’S GIFTS to reach (6), as there are legend affixes and mythstones that gives you up to +4:

That said - you can ONLY have a total addition of +4 from bonuses like the two I just described. Some ETERNAL(green items) can give you +4 also - but no matter what - you can NOT get above +4 set bonus.
So - if you wanted to reach (6) FAUN’S GIFTS you would need 2 piedes of gear with the set affix ‘FAUN’S GIFTS’ = 2
and combined +4 set numbers, as examplified above = 4
all in all =(6)

You can of course have 4 set pieces and +2 set numbers also if you prefer that option.

Sry bout the wall of text - but I hope it can help explain. If you want me to clarify something - let me know. And I might have gotten some of it wrong - but thats about it to my knowledge:)

Oh God you’re amazing finally I now understand…But this time I don’t have elixir stone to add set…since I’m at floor 300+ .maybe I keep on playing til I find that stone.anyway thanks again for letting me know

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Glad I could help - took me a while to wrap my head around myself:)

See this I’ve lost million of this map from 20million do down to 13million

If you pm me screenshots of your gear, I can try to help you out to my best knowledge.
There are TONS of people better at making builds than I am in here, but I’ll do my best.
Also - you might just be aiming at too high of a floor lvl/difficulty.

Anyway - if you want my help. Pm me screenshots off your gear+pet, and I’ll try to give you advice:)