Set Combos

Anyone can suggest which set could be working together to deal more dmg in PVE?

Try using momentum/adventurer set :))

Thats 2 sets. I have Nadroji. Any more set to add? I’m farming for Vacuus Bow.
Also which element is best paired with a set?

PvE element = Ice type :slight_smile: (with permafrost set)


What’s the secret of those people who can do millions of dps? Btw I use Flintlock for farming.

it depends on your build, post ur gears and maybe we can suggest

wearing mask and rubber glove, get ready to operate build. lol.


hohoho… hit me…

ADD to your set frozen with permafrost the hm aoe Dmage is Crazy!

Best PvE builds you can find on the forum: Blight Bog, Green Garden, and Fortune Bringer. No doubt. Now, for builds not shared… That’s another story.

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