Sets and overcap

I know that summoner overcap. Is there others sets that can overcap because i’d be intrested by scoundrel if it could.I mean 100% dodge

Epiphany does :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I actually did a little testing with the different +All Talent affixes & Myth Stones, and with those +Talent Tree affixes, and 40 is the highest you can go with Talents, except for the Spirtmancer Talent Tree. I didn’t try with Epiphany, so I don’t know.

Stealth can get Dodge over cap for the duration of the skill when it is activated.

I read somewhere that the boost to Attack Speed & Cool Down with Hunger Set can go over cap, so I am thinking that the boost to Dodge from Scoundrel can go over cap also. maybe.

if this is true, Epiphany (5) allows you to get to Dodge +75% and adding Scoundrel (5) should get you around +93% Dodge. it looks like you could get to Dodge 100% if you have more Epiphany and/or Scoundrel. but that is 3 Crystal Dodge for +90% Dodge with your base +10% Base Dodge. if you can’t get all Crystal Dodge to +30% each, you can get your Dexterity to 20 for another +10% Dodge to help, and Evasion Natures are +1.5% Dodge each.

this would have to be tested out first to make sure, but it opens up some ideas for some builds…

I don’t think epiphany and spiritmancer stack. I think I may have tested it. The talent rises to 50 max. I believe. It would be over powered otherwise :sunglasses:

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thanks, I have wondered if it works on Talents. but that sure would be a lot of space to get Talents over cap. I have a hard enough time getting a good build with Talents at 40 let alone 30.

I remember wanting a sure fire skullshield and spirit summon proc, maxed necrotic. The idea was to get a different off hand weapon with timewarp and have the ultimate anti immortal summoner with barrage. Didn’t work :joy::crazy_face:

getting four Talents to 40 is a lot like Crafting a great Reflect Damage Build, it takes some thinking to make it work well.

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