Sets curiosity

I have my 6 sets of Crushing Flames but does it still effective if I’ll make it in 5? It’s because I’m planning about to change my sets into Epiphany

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are you talking about it activating your Crushing Flames Bonus? in that case, as long as you have 3 Items with Crushing Flames, it should still activate.

if you are asking if having CF (5) is still good, that is what most players use. if you have Ring and/or Necklace Items with either Legend or Myth Stone +4 All Sets, you will have some nice Builds to work with. this would give you Epiphany (5) and Crushing Flames (7) if you are still activating the CF Bonus.

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What I mean Mr. Golem is that I’ve try to make some good build by changing my sets but when my CF 6 turns into 5, it becomes ineffective

CF 5 doesn’t instant kill Normal Monsters like CF 6+ does, but it can still get a monsters HP down to 25% pretty fast. you could use Demonic Set and maybe Electrocution Set and/or one or more Execution affixes. all 3 of these increase damage when enemy HP is 25% or lower. if you don’t want to use Shock, then Demonic & Execution affix(es).

if you feel that CF is performing really badly with 5 Sets, maybe get rid of it for something else? or take off another Set instead and keep CF at 6 while you add Epiphany.

Edit: I was kind of thinking… Demonic (5), Electrocution (8), and Crushing Flames (5), plus whatever Set you have on your Pet… Demonic +100% DMG, Electrocution +100% DMG per Shock DoT up to 4 (+400% DMG), Execution Damage +100% DMG. Damage x2 x5 x2 = x20 DMG when HP below 25%. plus you get the Shock DoT damage boost of +12.5% DMG stacking up to 4 = +50% DMG for all hits. Crushing Blow +40% should allow your attacks to get HP lowered to 25% fast enough to get the extra damage from Demonic and the others. Legend Execution can only be found on Items, and I think you can find different Items with it, so you could have more than +100% with it, maybe up to +300%.

just something I was thinking of…


That’s my new item and I’m confused if what would I sacrifice within my sets :joy:

Insert: it kills the Enslaver and Cart for 2-3 secs

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I feel you pain. I get great ideas for a Build, then when I start writing it down, I realize I have more affixes than I have space for them.

your Build needs one Legend Ignore Resist (the only place I can see to put it is where the +20% Fire on the Chest) unless you are ok with the +30% Weaken on your Pet, then you should put another +30% Weaken where I suggested the IR should go (2 spaces verses 1 space, up to you). if you go with IR, then you need to change your Weaken on the Pet to something else. so many decisions to make… :exploding_head:

change your Head Item to Fire Element.

and even though it lowers your Movement Speed and Damage a some, change the Adventurer Set on the Ring to Ascendant Set. with the Build you have, you will be shooting Fire & Shock Ricochets, and the other 3 Elements, all at the same time. the damage you lose from Adventurer Set you will make up for with Shock, & Poison DoT. doing this will mean you have the Shock DoT’s for the Electrocution Set to work without changing the Elements of your Weapons, and you get the extra ED% on your Head for more damage for all attacks. on the other hand, if you don’t want to get rid of Adventurer Set, then you need to change your OH Element to Shock.


I’ve try that one a while ago but it makes me to kill the normal enemy a bit longer unlike my current items that it kills the enemy with an instant. And also Mr. Golem, 60% of CB and 6 sets of Crushing Flames are very effective to kill an enemy within the high floor or for hiking purposes.

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