Sets stacks

Can demonic and electrocution stack with the extra dmg if the enemy is in a certain health?

yes, Demonic Set, Electrocution Set, and Legend Execute Affix work together.
with Demonic (5) and Electrocution (5) with one Execute you get…
+100% x +200% (with 4 stacks of Shock) x +100%…
or 1 x 2 x 3 x 2.
if you do a million damage when your enemy is at 25% HP or lower, you would do 12 million damage instead (as soon as you get up to four stacks of Shock).

there are some Items that can give you more Shock Stacks, and other Items with Legend Execute (I don’t think it has a Cap) so you could get even more damage.

Warrior’s with Sword MH Weapon using Mercenary Set can also work with the above combinations.

So per shock effect max, it’s extra 25% damage from the 100%?
Also, how about the Bloodmage Mythic and Defiant set? do they also stack?
Can you get the execute dmg or the shock eff max when applying ruby?
I am asking these for my pvp build, which is the first one that has mythics, looking forward to it.

  1. each shock stack is +12.5% damage… and Electrocution is +10% damage per rank for each shock stack when enemy is 25% HP or lower. each of the Shock Effect Max add 1 shock stack each.
  2. yes! the problem is having your HP lowered without dying all the time. using Masochism Set will keep your HP ~50%, which means Blood Magic will be ~+100% damage and Defiant will be ~+37.5% damage. the other problem would be double skill costs from Bloodmagic.
  3. no, you can only find them on Items as Loot, so don’t waste your Ruby’s!
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Even without the masochism, I am going to use sanctuary and enigma to get close to enemies and still not die for a couple of moments. I noticed how sanctuary helps you survive a little longer than 1 sec while doing pvp’s. I’m still not sure tho. So it’s like an insta-kill build, with some procs. Nonetheless, its good info. I also want to add that your advice for a farm build helped. I now have a fairly decent farm build. So, thanks :slight_smile:

when Sanctuary activates, you are at 10% HP for a moment, which gives +180% damage for Blood Magic & +47.5% damage for Defiant, until you heal back to ~50% HP again.

that is for Set (5) for Defiant. values would be lower in PVP if your Set for Defiant is (3).

glad I was able to help get you lots of Loot!

I was also lucky to get the wizard defiant set, both of them, just after the day i got the 2 nadroji items. XDXD

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nice. I ended up learning which Class Defiant Items are needed based on the need for either a +100% ED or +200% WD on OH Weapons (I wanted +200% WD on a Staff with Defiant Set). I still have the Items I Jaspered in my Inventory for reference.

My guy, you’re like a DQ decade veteran tbh.

I really wanted to get to know how to play DQ and not waste time. so I read a lot of the Posts and threads to get a head start on what works and what doesn’t. and to get an idea of what I wanted to do. and then I started playing and crafting.

and I like to help players do better if they need help.

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