Whenever i open my Dungeon Quest, I always set the shadows to “Shadow disabled” but when i exit the DQ and re open it, the settings is the same " Shadow disabled" BUT in the gameplay it is in the “ultrahigh shadow” i think. And the tendency is i would change again the settings to “Shadow disabled” and that will fix it.

  • PS - So hard to change settings everytime i open my DQ AHAHAH :smiley:
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This also happens on mine. Kind of annoying but not too big of a deal

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Mee too

Yeah. Definitely the same situation right here.

mee too the same situation…

I’m losing my life when I hit the enemy. The lost life is not for the damage received, but for the attack. Is this done by some effect or item?

Yeah, if you open up your inventory then touch on equipped item you will notice the box above it will list information about that item.

now touch that box…you will get detailed item information and it will tell you which item/set/talent you have that is causing the proc.

maybe you have an affix that causes this. please follow the instructions of Sir tdaniel