Seven Deadly Sin Stats Increase Bug

Hi. Im currently using Seven Deadly Sin as farming set BUT I notice that Set Affix EFFECT doesnt seen on Hero Stat Page.

Ex. 30% Weaken become 39% on gear (SDS Effect) but when I look at Hero Stat Page, its only 30% is this a Stat Page Bug or SDS Set Bug?



Please do reply so I can put some Legend Affixes :blush:.

I also have the same situation. But is sds good for farming?? I just happened to have all the eternal sds except for pet.

For me, its good. I can farm 800 to 1.2m per floor and 5 to 10 Legends also 1 to 2 Crystal Legend or 1 Eternal per floor. Im farming Floor 200 to 300 M3 then back to Floor 200 M3 for fast Gold :blush:

Yes,this is the bug we already know before this patch but not fixed yet.

Thanks I thought it was already fixed. That’s why Im shocked when I saw the Affixes doesnt change in Hero Stat Page😅

LOL, I though SDS pieces were pretty useless due unflexibility. Share your set with us :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe soon just need to put some Crystal Affixes… :blush:

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