Seven deadly sins & affix % effectiveness

So I found a piece of seven deadly sins. As described by the set affex itself It says that crystal % base affexis won’t be affected. However…

Is this correct ?
Also with no relation to bug reports, is there anyway one can void the all set cap set to 0 by seven deadly sins ?


Yes. Its like Exodia in Yu Gi Oh you need to complete the 6 Parts to Activate all the Curse affix much better if you find also the pet (the one I didnt get yet) :blush:

Lol I get ya. Also seven deadly sins Anime is what this set is based on. It’s an interesting anime indeed.

The seven deadly sins truly deadly when together. Meliodas is the most powerful one and the captain of the seven deadly sins.

It’s a display error you don’t actually get a boost to crystal affix effectiveness and no the seven deadly sins all sets cap cannot be voided :+1:

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