Seven deadly sins inc

Is it ok to use barbarian with this set? I already capped the glass cannon and still grinding for more rubies and obsidian. My hp and mp regen is very low so i cant spam throw sword that much. Hope to here your suggestions, comments and opinions. Thanks in advance


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if u dont spam mh primary skill remove the multi atks. put 5000wd on mh(if ur main source of dps is ur main) remove 50%wd on offhand(put 5000wd if ur source of main dps is from oh skills) remove 26% ice dmg and +3 all skill (change w/ ms or elem critdmg or +10 epic affix skil or +10 talent) change immolate to legend affix elemcrit(dont know if why is ur armor on fire element and the rest is on ice element… just to cast immolate ? just change it to ice for frostbite)

Yep thats what im planning to do with my 7 deadly sin set. But im still missing the pet. Just recently got the armor thats why its still on fire elem. This will be an endless grind again for rubies and obsidian haha. Thanks for the inputs bro.

Btw, i tried removing the multi attack option from my other set but my damage went down, as well as the damage in my oh.

@dos multi atks only affect mh primary skil it does not affect oh skills and mh special skill.

unless u use discordance w/c switch mh primary skill and special skil cd dmg xtra/multi atks.

Well then, back to the drawing board i guess hehe. Still need 4 obsidian and a couple more rubies to complete the 6 and that imp seems to be impossible to get.

Thanks for replying man.

@dos oh u mean the deadlysin boar ya its pretty hard to find lol i dont know if der was anyone active in game now that was able to complete the 7 part since pet is so hard to find.

@roykiyoy Yeah the one with glutony. I think it was hoard? Cronos had that and a couple of players too. Been grinding on map 680 plus m3 for a week now and switching to map 500plus just too get it. But unfotunately i still havent found it tsk. But thats hte beauty of this need to perservere to achieve the item and build that you want. Currently im building also the berserker set with bonus bleed damage of 200 so im not really that pissed haha. Btw, from 4 obsi, i only need 3 obsi now (that is if im lucky enough to get the cs affix that i need) so i still need to grind haha,


Easier ways to get the Seven Deadly Sins Pet - Merlin’s Imp:

  1. Craft a farming gear that maximizes luck and have atleast 1 Nadroji Set affix. There are many farming builds here in the forums to choose from that would suit your playstyle and Hero Class.
  2. Using this build, repeatedly farm floors 500 - 600. If you have the Treasured ascension perk, your chances of getting one will be higher. (Not to mention, the other goodies you get along the way like rare crystals, mythstones, eternals, other legend pets etc.)
  3. Take note of your completion of the “Kill Enslavers” feat. When you see that you only need 1 more to complete it. Use either a Legend or an Eternal Legend map to kill your last Enslaver to boost your chances even further. Having the Accomplished ascension perk would make this step faster.

Goodluck and happy farming. :smiley:


I’m trying to make a 7 deadly sins proc character