Shadow of the Dev's

I awake. PAIN! pain, pain, pain, hunger, pain, hunger, pain is hunger, hunger is pain is hunger is pain…what is that? there is something not me. something other. I search, search, search, found. investigate, touch. gone! hunger decreases. touch, touch, eat, eat, hunger is gone! rejoice, joy, joy, joy, ouch! hunger returns. eat, joy, hunger, eat, joy, hunger. (unknown, much time passes). eat, joy, hunger, eat, joy, hunger, eat, jo…PAIN! so much pain! crushed by the pain! the other, must eat! eat, eat, eat, eat, jo, hunger, eat, jo, hunger. something is wrong. my pain/hunger has increased 10, 100, 1,000 times! I am eating 1,000 more other for my hunger! but my joy is 10 less! what is this change? change, change. the other has changed. what is this change? name, the other has a name. the others name is Gold! Gold is the others name. name, do I have a name? I have a name! my name is…
End of Part One.
note: this is not a story about Evil Dev’s.

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this is an unusual story about a part of Dungeon Quest I discovered recently. I thought I would make a story about it.

Oh, I see. Then what part of DQ are you talking about?

the story is about the name of the Hungry One, but I want the name to be a surprise when it is discovered. I guess you could say that the story is about a part of the game I was very happy about, buy my happiness soon turned to dread as I learned more about the part of DQ that I am writing the story about. so it is kind of my story, too.

What,what,what,what,whatt??? XD

What part of dq is the hungry one?

Hunger Bow. It eats Mana and it eats enemies. :joy:

Ahh I see XD.

Oh, why didn’t he said before, LOL.

noob toons were the first. they didn’t know what it was, where it came from, or what it was doing, but they were the first to notice the disturbance. in the beginning, the disturbance wasn’t a problem, but over time, the noob toons game play was disturbed. so in ones and twos, they went to the Dungeon Quest Forums for help. they all got the same advice. the noob toons went away happy. most of them. some felt that this advice wouldn’t help with the disturbance, but no one was taking them seriously. so they would wait, until someone else noticed the disturbance. Adjust your difficulty level, and get items with sets and affixes that compliment your game play. this will make your problems go away.
pro toons are hard to ignore, but they were getting quieter. most of them. ‘it makes me sick! how could the noob toons notice a disturbance before us? they are so weak and helpless compared to us! and they hardly know anything!’
‘calm down, that doesn’t matter anymore. we have noticed the disturbance now, and we need to do something.’
‘like what?’
‘investigate. we are being affected by the disturbance just like the noobs, and I for one don’t like it. do you?’
‘no way! where do we start?’
‘hi guys, what are you talking about?’
‘where have you been?’ ’ it’s about time you came back! we were talking about the disturbance the noobs were talking about.’
‘ahh, about that. that is where I have been lately. at first, we thought the noobs were joking around, but when us pro’s started noticing something wrong, a “Disturbance”, I decided to investigate. and I made some discoveries.’
‘you what!?’ ‘what did you discover?’
‘well, a disturbance implies random thing going wrong. but during my investigations, I discovered there is to much randomness. it is more like a shadow. where ever the shadow is, Dungeon Quest has been affected. I don’t know how, but that is how game play is being disturbed.’
‘we need to do something!’ ‘what can we do?’
‘well, we can’t go to the forums yet, or we’ll get treated the same way we treated the noob toons. we need to get other pro toons together and find out more about the shadow.’
soon, many pro toons are gathered together and go out to investigate the shadow. and the little they discover causes their concern to grow.
‘ok, I have gone over the little information we have gathered, and it is only confusing. the shadow seems to be new, and it is growing, but slowly, and it is affecting the world of Dungeon Quest, but we don’t know how or why. we need to go to the forums, and seek help.’
the pro toons were shocked by the answer they received.
‘Adjust your difficulty level, and get items with sets and affixes that compliment your game play. this will make your problems go away.’
‘what the heck? that’s the same answer we gave the noob toons!’
‘well, the mods must think we are playing a more sophisticated joke than the noob toons. we’ll just have to wait until we are listened to before the shadow is taken seriously.’
‘What are those Toons doing? Do they think I have all the time in the world to deal with their pranks? maybe I should Bann a few of them to set an example!’
‘Haha! No, don’t do that, at least, not yet.’
‘Well, I have been doing some of my own investigating, and I am a little concerned myself.’
‘What? What have you learned?’
‘Well, you know, at first, I thought it was a prank by some silly Noob Toons, and I was a little frustrated by the Pro Toons joining in with their own pranks. but then I noticed some of the names of the Pro Toons, and they aren’t the kind to do pranks like that. so I investigated the Shadow. the Shadow is hungry, and I thought it was eating the World of Dungeon Quest, but Dungeon Quest is still here, that wasn’t it. I just know the Shadow’s hunger is affecting DQ in a way that is disturbing the Toons, and is now disturbing us, the Mods.’
‘So now what? Do we share this information with the Devs?’
‘Haha, no way! do you want to get the same answer the Noob and Pro Toons got? I have the Pride of the Mods, and I would not like getting that same answer.’
‘So what do we do?’
‘What’s that?’
‘It’s a message from the DQ Testers! What strange timing on their part.’
‘What does it say?’
‘It says “Mods, we have been monitoring you, and we feel that it is time for us to join together in dealing with this Shadow. DQ Testers” Well, it sounds like they have some information they want to share with us. Let’s give them a call.’
DQ T ‘Hello, Mods, it would seem that both our groups have the same focus, the Shadow growing in Dungeon Quest.’
Mods ‘Hello, Testers, we are worried about this Shadow, and the effect it is having on game play. the Toons are unhappy, and we are having a hard time dealing with this situation effectively. Can you help us?’
DQ T ‘We have learned more than you have, and we are very concerned. This Shadow is hungry, but we don’t know what it is hungry for, but we have made another discovery. the Shadow had it’s beginnings in the 3.0 update! We were reluctant to bring this to the Devs attention at this time, as we didn’t think they were ready to deal with what we have found. The Devs have been very busy lately with New Game Content, and interruptions at this time will make them very cranky. So we decided to go to you, the Mods first, and when the Devs are ready, we can show them what we have found, as a Team united with the well being of Dungeon Quest as our Goal.’
Mods ‘well, I guess that we’ll have to wait until the Devs call on us. I just hope Dungeon Quest is still here by then.’

End: Part Two

Note: sorry this was so long. the last part, Part Three, should be shorter.

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Wow awesome :smile: .

Dev 1: Those Mods are crazy! No, they are Driving me Crazy! I think I’ll block all of their IP addresses! That will teach them not to take up my time with jokes about Shadows!
Dev 2: Uh huh.
Dev 1: I’ll just replace them all with new Mods! … But that means I will have to block the IP of all the Toons who were talking about Presences and Disruptions. Can’t have any of them be Mods…Hmm, I might have to go outside of Dungeon Quest to get Mods.
Dev 2: Mmh mmh.
Dev 1: I sold my half of Dungeon Quest to Disney, I made a fortune.
Dev 2 leans back in his chair, and thoughtfully looks up at the ceiling.
Dev 2: Well, we wouldn’t have to worry about funding for awhile, and we could make some Disney themed skins. Maybe even create a new Disney themed class. I wonder…
Dev 1: Hey! Can you hear yourself talking! Do you really think I would sell out to Disney! What is wrong with you?
Dev 2: Well, I have been busy. I have been investigating this Shadow that has been driving you crazy, lately.
Dev 1: And you haven’t told me because…
Dev 2: I have been waiting for you to say something.
Dev 1: Now I am saying something.
Dev 2: O.K. look at this. Here, zoom in.
Dev 1: Zooming in…Woah! What kind of zoom is this!
Dev 2: The regular zoom was not getting me the info I needed, so I made a new zoom in program, I call it Micro Zoom.
Dev 1: O.K. it looks like the code for 3.0. But what is this code over here?
Dev 2: Look at the time stamp.
Dev 1: Wait, that code starts at the same time as the release of 3.0! Did we make some kind of mistake? How did we miss something like this?
Dev 2: No, it was the Testers that pointed me to this.
Dev 1: What Testers?
Dev 2: the DQ Testers. They have been strangely quiet lately, so I took a look, and noticed they were messaging the Mods a lot. I checked their message logs, and saw a comment about the Shadow having a connection to 3.0. I have been trying to see how this Shadow is affecting the Dungeon Quest community so much. I haven’t gotten very far yet.
Dev 1: Oh. So, what is this strange code right before 3.0 was released? I can barely see it, even with this new Micro Zoom.
Dev 2: Oh, here. I made another program to zoom in. I call it Pixel Zoom. I had to change the format of the code so it could be seen better, then I did the same format for the strange code found with the 3.0. And they are almost the same!
Dev 1: How are you getting this second program to work on your system? It is too big.
Dev 2: I just hacked your computer for the extra computing power, and it works just fine. and don’t complain, if I hadn’t done it, we wouldn’t have gotten this far with the Shadow.
Dev 1: (Angry voice) It looks like you haven’t found out how the Shadow is affecting the game. have you followed the Shadow Code to it’s beginning to see if there are clues there?
Dev 2: Wow, good idea. This is why we make a good team. Let’s see what we can find on the other end of this code.
A little later.
Dev 2: Wait, this is wrong. It looks like the Shadow Code started at the same time as the release of Dungeon Quest! You didn’t tell anyone about our Project before it was released, did you?
Dev 1: Of course not! And I found some more unusual code here.
Both Devs spend some time looking over the Shadow Code.
Dev 2: I am not sure, but I think, looking at this in the new format I made, all this code is in a repeating cycle. It looks as though it is repeating the same words all the way up until 3.0. Eating. Joy. Hunger.
Dev 1: That extra code I found? It starts at the same time as the Shadow Code. It is like it is having a conversation with Itself. It’s awake, in pain, hungry, then it finds something to eat, and then it is joyful, then hungry again, and eating, then it just becomes the code you are looking at.
Dev 2: Let me see…Huh? That code looks familiar. (Dev 2 is trying to remember) Oh! I know! That looks like some of the code from when 3.0 was released!
Dev 1: Let’s see if we can read it now!
Dev 2: O.K. it looks like the values in the repeating cycle have changed. Calculator time.
Dev 1: Uh huh.
Dev 2: Hmm, well, it looks like the hunger and eating part of the cycle have both increased a thousand times, but the joy part has decreased by 10. Very uneven compared to before.
Dev 1: It seems as though the Shadow discovered this the hard way, and it doesn’t sound happy. It doesn’t like the extra pain caused by the increased hunger, and the reduction in joy after eating has made it very depressed, I think.
Dev 2: We are getting closer to a solution. Does the Shadow say anything else?
Dev 1: Oh! All the extra eating it is doing! The Shadow now knows that it is eating Gold! This is amazing!
Dev 2: (Talking slowly) So all that code from the release of Dungeon Quest to the release of 3.0, it has been eating Gold, but so little Gold, that it was unnoticed by anyone. It must be something about 3.0 that changed the Shadows eating cycle.
Dev 1: Woah! Now the Shadow is wondering if it has a name, like the name of what it was eating is Gold!
Dev 2: Let me see!
As both Devs read, a sense of dread comes over them.
Dev 2: I don’t believe this! Dev 1: This is crazy!
Dev 1 & 2: “My name is ‘Dust’”


I almost forgot, this is the end.