Shadow settings still messed up

Oh yeah. After the mini-update it’s still the same. It says that “Shadow settings are now properly save upon exit” so why it’s still not saving my recent settings? I’ve always turned that shadow off since it causes lots of lags when I’m on farming mode. Please fix it soon.

Sidenote: Welcome back to me btw, :wave: still alive and kickin’. Shoutouts to those who’re still active :raised_hand:


Thanks. I’m still into DQ even though I’ve been busy on other games. I will never forget DQ :slight_smile: .

I believe theres a patch scheduled sometime soon to address this. Hopefully. :slight_smile:

im here too, alive. for me, lowest and ultra are both buggy. they get some sort of stripes in them when on the walls. when on everything else, they are fine.

I have not pushed out this patch yet. I am having issues with the amazon build but android and apple are good to go.

The shadow stripping you mention are GPU related (hardware issues) and I cannot fix those on my end.

The fix for shadow options not being saved when you quit the game should be out today/tonight (amazon willing).




Welcome back @TYRON

Listen carefully to the lyrics.

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nice…that is a throw back


And it appears all my devices shadows are fixed. Ty guys. :slight_smile:

Still working in an Amazon build but Apple and android should be available.

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Yup. Updated and working as intended now.

I’ve just updated mine but the shadow issue is still not fix.

What version of the app do you have installed? version has the shadow fix. Also if you are playing on amazon device that patch is not out yet.

I’ve updated it on google playstore.

Google play store here.

Working on 3 different devices after last update.

Galaxy tab

Ok, great! Is it version

Also to be clear the shadow fix is only related to keep a users shadow options when they close and open the game. If your device has issues displaying the shadows, IE lots of tearing or striping, that would be a device level issue and would not be addressed by this fix.

Sorry if that was not clear earlier in this thread.

The shadow settings is not saving. Maybe because I force close the game. But it should save right because I’m playing like an hour before force closing it.

I’m playing on Asus ZenFone Go.

I could be because you force close it, but I just tested that on my end and didn’t have an issue.

Do this:
Go into any level and set your shadow settings.
Return to the main menu
This should save your settings from this point on.

One quick note about force closing. When you do this it “kills” the android process that is running the game. This means in some cases (based on Android OS) that the application just terminates without doing any memory clean up. Save data can be lost and temporary device RAM that is used for the app may not be cleared for other application use.

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Thank you. Problem solved.

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