Share one of your favorite legends drop!


Can’t wait until I get a eternal obsi dagger.

Edit : oh I see.


Got that eternal hatcher few times lol. convert~


Seriously wish I could trade my Eternal Pets to your Vaccuus/Insolence/Obsidian. FML. Lol.



This one is pretty insane though i cant do anything about. Just for collection dont want to convert. :smiley:


Nice catch
@cronos4321 you see my new green pet :smile:


Yah. those mythic boss do give amazing eternals.haha and just got my 1st eternal pet and its freaking eternal rage. watch the sick part is the affix that suits dagger build. Haha.
Rng loves me aloT. <3


Ive seen permafrost. but no +ED. haha


i just convert eternal faun gift head part with crystal affix luck lol. for god sake i need extremely alot ultra rare.


-_- ik that’s the sad part.


u need good farming build for it. lol…


Cronos is there a bug going on? This is my 5th eternal i got within 1 day? Usually i get like 1 eternal every 2-3 days… Glitch or just luck???


lol, DQ not online game. it just probably ur luck. or u use eternalized


I use eternalized (6) but wouldnt it make it a 3 in 100 drop rate?


thin it your luck. lol, nothing is wrong. farm more get more. easy


Why are you complaining if it’s something good :smile:? Unless you them to lower the drop rate of the eternal items :dizzy_face:.


I just dont want an unfair advantage thats all


@Saintwave just found second eternal obsidian dagger lol.


You really like teasing me with your luck huh :confused:



god trolling u. and me too i guess. second eternal obsidian dagger lvl 99. just trolling in map 200 fire. and the affix not do good. if i can reroll. ☆,☆


You got low stats on it?

Lol I’ll trade you an Eternal Spike for a Vacus Bow and Insolence. Lol.