Share one of your favorite legends drop!


This is one of my favorite but got no use for it yet.


Dang VicBot :smile:


Just got it today killing @SteigerBox mythic npc


Where is that, or how do i kill it?


You need to get the achievement to summon a random mythic NPC.
-kill 50 epic NPC to summon a legend npc
-then kill 10 legends to summon a mythic NPC
-kill the mythic NPC to get a random eternal drop.
“I heard that mythic NPC have DQ workers name”


Not that great, but good enough for me :grin:.


I really want an eternal pet.


Lol, they are pretty rare, I only got one after completing the Enslaver feat around 30times.


not sure why to even do with her


I think Lilith is useful on a tank build.
Vampire touch (5) give you 62% bleed damg and total hp%


Just got this drop hehe :smile:


just got this Shibe hmm while farming Cart and slavers


Been Great run so far My First Defiant now to figure out the heck to do with it feel free to offer advice, I can see I can jasper it to wand or flint


Honestly i have like 8 defiants and use 1 of them and its rarely, you need to experiment and see if they work in builds :slight_smile:


Defiant scale off missing hp% so you can try a healthy build.


I just found my first eternal map!! Is there any point of saving it or do i just use it?


Save it for 2.1 still searching for my first one…


Getting eternal trophy is rare on chest, getting bloodless even rare, and getting silence skill on it the most valuable for me lol.

Getting this few weeks ago, the reason Aphrodite exist today.


Did you get you dagger from chest or drop?
Is silence skill a diff trophy or an trophy affix?


Drop. Just trolling around in fire map lol

Edit: silence is different from affix, silence consider as trophy skill, and getting silence skill is pretty much rare. The most common is root. Lol