Shatter build wizard? looking for,

hi guys,
im looking for a good build for wizard w/c utilizes shatter and teleport. can anyone help me. tnx.

use aftermath affix if u got +2allsetx2(125%taunt proc upon using meteor 125% chance to reset cooldown of shatter upon using meteor(vice versa)

if u got 50-60+ meteor proc u can spam shatter without casting meteor at all so u wont need teleport at all since shatter wont have cd is this build

though shatter crater dmg was nerf in 2.3

tnx for the insight. ill try that one…

if im going touse the 4 set of aftermath gear then i still have two equipment slots left… then what headgear and amulet should i use?

@Light10455 1 aftermath affix is enough if u have 2x +2all set. 1+4= (5)aftermath
+2 all set (can be obtain by using elexir myth on amulet/ring) if u dont have elixir. farm nadjori ring/amulet it has +2 all set affix den u can remove the other affixes change to affixes u want.

set affixes : aftermath-for ur build
defiant - good25% dmg inc
momentom- great dmg boost if u have 30-50% ms
adventurer-great dmg boost upon pickup gold also inc ur ma significantly works well w/ momentun
pathfinder- good dmg boost if u go dodge build defensive.
spellsword - inc mana and resist - (in wizard talent der is one that inc ur ed% base on ur resist)
terrashaper - % chance earthshatter proc
note if u want to unli spam shatter w/ aftermath w/o using meteor u need atleast 45-60% meteor proc

oh i get it now 2 aftermath equip then elxir/nadroji ring/amulet…how about the skills? i max out shatter and meteor and i’m kinda confused on what to levelup next.

talents: im thinking of using
focus(wpn dmg)
wizardry(elem crit)
Magnify(AoE range)
Prismatic(cast other elem) or empower(+Pow, -hp)
will this do?

only 1 aftermath is enough then +4 from 2x +2allset = 5 aftermath ur other set affix will also by rank 5
ex. momentum + 4 from +2allset2x = 5 momentum
if u want to use prismatic use amplify talent

u can also use ascendant set afix add more prismatic %. in 2.3 now aranist set + ascendant + weaken% is trending becuz of its dmg output.

if u dont use ascendant affix get ignore resist affix. if u use ascendant+arcanist use weaken pump it up to 150-200% ya about skil u can max meteor and shatter.

if ur main dmg skill and main spam skill is shatter add 5000wd% on ur oh wep or might as well get oh wep dat has 100%weapon dmg then add 5000wd.

i actually just completed the after set equip… i actually just starting heres my equip. 1set of aftermath mh, oh, chest, ring… as for head i use ascendent and druidic for amulet.

i am actually thinking of discarding mh, oh, chest aftermath after i get elexir and nadroji amulet and chang the ff:(w/ what i have in hand right now)

chest with druidic w/ ignore resist (druidic is actually great cause i can spam shatter w/ meteor proc almost endlessly)

mh, oh, & head with ascendant or something to boost damage like adventurer and/or momentum. and another set just for farming. what do you think?

my wizard is still at floor 160+ so am still far from farming eternal set but i already ascended once and got the perk for farming eternal. next ascenaion maybe ill get the perk for luck. still so far tho cause i’m still at level 87.

ya important farming perk are fortunate/treasured/dealer perk.

when u reach floor 200 farm nadjori ring/amulet so that u just need to use 1 aftermath affix.

nadjori got +2all set affix just change the other affixes on what u prefer.

if u got 2x +2all set affix. 1aftermath affix will already be rank 5 so u can add more useful set affixes. such as momentum adventurer ascendant arcanist rage and etc.

its beter to convert the eternal items u got to earn crystals to make ur own build w/crystal affixes.

TYVM bro! its helps a lot as i’m about to finish flr200.

another question. i actually deleted my hireling rouge and made a new wizard. the reason is i could not get any wizard eternal items because they always drop eyernal/crystal legend fir rouge. any advice for summoner wiz w/ farm build(for starter)? i heard it was fun using those build or any build w/ max farming build for wiz. tnx again.

try finding marwinberna summoner build thread here in forum its a good summoner build.

u should put all ur farming gears on main then full dps hireling. cuz if u put ur farming gears on hireling it wont effect since goldfind/droprate/luck and perks (except dealer) will be base on main toon.

aw. i thought it was possible to stack the farm affixes of hireling to main. anyway ill try experimenting on my hireling wiz on w/c build is best partnered with aftermath. thanks.

u can achieve max cap luck goldfind droprate % w/ 1 farming set char alone. also its better to add rank ephipany affix to inc cap of all stat including farming stat cap luck/gold find/drop rate.

another question.

i have ignore resist right now.
do i need to use ascendant and prismatic or just concentrate on one element?

and about the effective mythic, will it be beneficial to use both ignore resist and effective myhtics? am thinking of adding mythic skills on my legendary equip right now. any advice?


hmm if u go ascendant affix use arcane element add arcanist affix then remove ignore resist add weaken %100-200

if u go ignore resist ya you can just solely focus on 1 element. (u can stil do ascendant but it just work well w/ weaken also does not
work w/ ignore resist)

either u use ascendant or 1 element build just continue using amplify talent (its still good even w/ 1 elem build)

ya having effective w/ ignore resist is stil great effective will stil boost ur dmg. though slot affix wise ignore resist alone in enough.