Shields give free 10% block?

So just a moment ago, i was 100% baffled, almost made a post then realised im a dunce :joy:

This picture shows the shield OH magically giving an extra 10% block. I typically use 45% block on a chest piece and 15% as an epic on the OH (its pretty much my standard for survivability, 69% dodge, 60% block and only two crystals affixes)

Just tested it tho, and yes, shields seem to give 10% block. I know it sounds simple but im sure many people of the community wont know about this, and i like sharing information <3


Mr.Scooty share this information :ear::ear::ear: ago, but is Good to mension thise little tings know, many new players did not know that, still, thank you for sharing whyd other people!


Free block :heart_eyes:

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