Shock and amplify

How does amplify works with shock stack? Can I stack dmg buffs? How does amplify dmg buff stacks with shock dot?

Amplify increases DMG based on how many DoT (Damage or Debuff) are currently on an enemy.

Poison, Shock, Ice, Fire, and Ascendant Set (not sure if you need Arcanist or not) are the 5 DoT’s. since it specifies Element DoT’s, I don’t think Bleed is included.

Amplify: +2% DMG for each Element DoT on enemy.

Amplify 20 would give +40% DMG for each Element DoT currently on an enemy. using Ascendant with Arcane Weapons, it would be possible to get up to +200% DMG, as long as there are 5 DoT’s on an enemy. if you got Amplify 40, that is +80% DMG for each Element DoT currently on an enemy. that is up to +400% DMG!!!

Poison has the longest DoT: 8 seconds. Fire has the shortest DoT: 2 seconds. Ice 3 seconds, Shock (?) & Ascendant are 5 seconds.

Fester Talent increase the duration of Elemental DoT’s, which would make it easier to get the +200% DMG more often.

any enemies with Shock Debuff will still get +12.5% DMG for each stack of Shock Debuff on top of the extra DMG from Amplify.

I read your other post, and it would take a high attack rate type of Build to have up to 9 Shock Stacks on a Build with Amplify to do the tons of DMG you are thinking of.

you could just use Amplify on a one Element Shock Build, but that is only +40% DMG for only having 1 Element DoT on your enemies. of course, you could get Amplify to 40 for +80% DMG, or keep the Amplify at 20, but have a second Element on your other Weapon. so stack up the Shock, then hit them with the other Element so it gets boosted by the Shock Debuff. this requires you to go back and forth with 2 different Weapons, which is why it would be better to use Prismatic Talent or Ascendant Set, or even Elements Set.

I thought that 11 shock debuffs = 11 dot

if you click on a Shock Weapon, in the Affixes & Effects Area, it states that Shock Stacks +12.5% DMG Debuff.

in Codex > Dictionary > Terms > Shock Effect: Applies a 12.5% damage taken debuff to enemies. stacking up to 4 times for 50% increased damage taken by enemies.

Shock Effect Max can increase the debuffs up to 8, 9 with the Bonus. so you could get up to +112.5% DMG when attacking with Shock attacks. I was using wrong numbers in the other post, will fix that.

and it is a Damage Debuff, not a Damage Over Time. as long as the Debuff is on the enemy, you are doing the extra DMG with every hit you do. it works differently than Fire or Poison DoT, witch does damage over time every second for the duration of the DoT, whether you are attacking the monster or not. Shock requires you to continue attacking the enemy to get the benefit of extra damage from the Shock debuff. if you stack Shock, then hit them with Poison, the Poison DoT would be increased by the Shock Debuff.

In dictionnary, DoT = damage over time or debuff over time.

Shock Debuff last 5 seconds, and adds +12.5% DMG to attacks against enemies with the Debuff on them, up to 4 stacks, for a total of +50% DMG. that is if you can get 4 hits in less than 5 seconds. so if you can hit an enemy 4 times in less than 5 seconds, you would continuously do +50% DMG to that enemy.

Shock Debuff over Time doesn’t work like Poison, Fire, or Bleed Damage over Time.

Shock & Ascendant Debuff over Time is applied with the first hit, and the extra DMG is done with any hits after the first.

Fire, Poison, & Bleed Damage over Time, you can hit the enemy once, leave, and these enemies continue to be damaged for a time, until the DoT ends or they die.

Ice Debuff over Time slows enemies by 50% and lowers the DMG they do to you by 25% for the duration they are affected by the Debuff.