Shock debuff, Electricution set and set bonus confusion

Shock Effect have a confusing Codex entry where the first part says that the debuff will make the enemies deal less…but the second part says that we will deal more damage to enemies with shock debuff…that makes the Electricution set and set bonus a bit confusing of how it works…i hope someone can explain this…thanks

  1. Each shock stack on enemies makes attacks deal 12.5% more dmg

  2. Electrocution bonus means you gain another shock effeck max stack, now 5 stacks instead of 4

Electrocution is good for shock elements? am i right?


Thank you @Foxx … i have a question for you hope yuo can help me this… what set affixes are good for rogue bow build for pvp? thanksssss

Defiant and Pathfinder because of their damage reduction and damage increase properties…and Defiant is really popular in PvP builds…

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@Foxx thank you for that… and what else? :smile:

Well, for that matter, you can look at other rogue PvP build to have an idea for other affixes that you want for your build…i’m actually trying to build one PvE and one PvP set.

ok… thank you so much…

You’re welcome…glad to help

  • You can stack Shock Effect 4 times which will give all your attacks 4 * 12.5% = 50% more damage.
  • There are two ways of increasing that Shock Effect maximum:
    • +1 Shock Effect Max (legend affix)
    • Electrocution Bonus
  • Electrocution (5) will increase your damage by 50% per shock stack while the enemy is below 25% HP, i.e. you will get 200% more damage only if below 25% HP in the normal case with 4 stacks.
  • Increasing the maximum Shock Effect is only worth it with Electrocution, because you will only gain:
    • 1.625/1.5 = 1.083 – 8.3% damage for all attacks plus
    • 3.5/3 = 1.167 – 16.7% damage in the 25% HP case with Electrocution, giving you a total of 26.4% more damage in this case.
  • Several Execute DMG and Demonic are preferable over Shock Effect Max, since they give you way more damage in the 25% HP case.
  • Electrocution makes only sense in a Crushing Blow PvE build, because it backends where Crushing Blow does not deal considerable damage anymore.
  • PvP-wise it is mediocre at most, because you deal way less damage if the opponent has more than 25% HP - so it will take longer until he gets below 25% HP. It also forces you to use shock damage.
  • PvP-wise Demonic might be the better choice if you want high finishing damage to counter Defiant - it deals a bit less damage, but you don’t need to use shock and stack it and it debuffs healing.

A (kinda) realistic PvP example:

  • You deal 3k avg against a 300k HP opponent and have one set slot to choose.
    • You need 100 hits to kill the enemy.
  • You choose Electrocution.
    • You need 75 hits to get the enemy below 25% HP.
    • You need 13 hits to finish him.
    • Total: 88 hits - or 13.6% avg damage increase.
  • You choose Hunger instead.
    • You need 78 hits to finish him, or 29% avg damage increase (alongside countless other benefits like faster movement etc.).

Demonic and Electrocution produce cool insanely high damage numbers in PvP, but normally make your char worse than it could be with another set affix.

Hope I could help ;).


Wow…thank you so much…then the new set affixes are suppose to be built around crushing blow for current HP damage and execute damage for missing HP damage…right?

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Yep, the intention for Electrocution was to enable faster killing at really high floors - to work together with Crushing Blow. Backends to Crushing Blow are:

  • Demonic,
  • Electrocution,
  • Execute DMG,
  • Double Strike,
  • (Shock Effect Max/Electrocution Bonus).

Frontend for Crushing Blow is:

  • Crushing Flames,
  • Crushing Flames Bonus,
  • (Immolate DMG, if you don’t use Crushing Flames Bonus [otherwise it won’t increase your damage by much any more]).

Hmmmm, a build with Demonic, Electricution ang Crushing Flame combine would be interesting… i’ll try and find a way to make that work…thank you so much @Midlumer

Hell of a combo! I recommend using this with Prismatic or Ascendent + Arcanist (+ Weaken) (careful don’t use Ignore Resist ofc.) and/or Elements!

Very welcome of course :blush:!


Ow…don’t worry, I’m not a fan of Ignore Resist…hahaha

Thanks for the helps and tips… 'til next time sir


Just a reminder the electrocution bonus from the amulet doesnt work. Tried 90%weaken w/c is above the required 40% in order to activate the bonus but it didnt glow up.

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Ah yeah you are correct, currently bugged.