Shop farming

Just a quick note for those that have some extra money laying around. After I get a shop reset I buy the legend AND the epic(orange) items for sale in the shop.

The epic items have a chance to become legends and when they do, they can also become eternal or crystal as well!

I get about 1 in 6 epics to turn into legends (a rough average). I can’t tell you how many of those become crystal or eternal because I don’t try to track that. I am just happy when it happens.

Have fun!


Normal items have a chance to be legendary items too.

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Thanks for this info :smiley:


I am pretty sure the game tells you that every item has a great chance of being a higher rarity. This basically means that shop items have higher chance to be those ultra rare Eternal Crystal items than items drops!

If you manage to get enough gold to buy all items everytime, it is a good way to find Eternal and Crystal legends.

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I got dealer perk now so that’s my plan :wink:

Is it a good idea to identify everything before selling it then? I’ve always just sold it all thinking it wasn’t going to be good…

Side note, how does the shop refresh? Is it time based, or every map change? I can’t seem to figure it out. Just kind of happens when playing randomly.

Yes identify everything, also if you have dealer (they didn’t back then) then its much more effective and mixed with a low level character on high floor, the items are cheap and valuable (profit)

Also the mods here dont like necro-posting by the way, they prefer creation of a new post with a link to the old post

And shop refreshes every time you complete a level or kill the cartographer


Fair enough, I’ll remember that next time, thank you!


I bought an eternal fabled staff from the shop

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for Identify item, if you have Dealer Perk, click on an Epic item and see how much you get for it, and then identify it, and compare how much you get then. big difference! if you don’t have Dealer Perk, if an item is powerful enough, the cost of identifying might cost more than the item is worth, but identify anyways, because Epic+ items might have good affixes for you to use in a build, or give you good ideas. in the early game, you wont find many Epic+ items, so you don’t lose too much Gold identifying them, in the later game, you are getting enough gold to make up for finding more Epic+ items than you did before.


Is this working on pets to? If I buy pets there a chance to get legend pet?

@Rubrix I just found this post that explains that you can’t get Legend Pets from the shop.

Pets - Information Compendium


You can but real money thou wanna know if there’s a chance getting a legend from that premium pet shop.

haha, I forgot to put Legend before Pets, it is now fixed. if you read further down in the post, it mentions at least two times that you can’t get a Legend Pet from the Shop, only Normal to Epic Pets, and only by chance from an Enslaver Drop or by finishing the Enslaver Feat

Who needs legendary pets :sweat_smile:


I bought 2 SDS at the shop, at floor 1 (m3)