Should I get my luck up and use Epic+ maps to open arena chests?

When I save up enough arena reward chests, should I open them at a high level with bonus luck (like a epic or legendary map) or are these arena rewards not effected by luck and dungeon levels? I want to have the best chance to get a Legendary Trophy.

I don’t think there is any link between the rarity (luck) of a map and the rarity of the chest !
But I can tell you one sure thing : if you want a better reward, try to get eternal chests, I got 2 eternal trophies from them! it’s just 400 epic chest converting!

Aah so 20 legendary chests = 1 Eternal chest?

20 epic = 1 legend
20 legend = 1 eternal

20x20 = 400 epic = 1 eternal

The only things that maps affect chests are Floor level and Floor element.

If you want a lv100 Inferno item, you need to open chests on a floor 500+ fire stage.

So what are the odds of getting a Green Trophy from a Green Chest?

Approx 1 in 10.