Should I sell my Legends?

I have kept most of my legend items (except duplicates) and I am hesitant to sell them. Is there any use for them later on? or should I just sell them all (since im not using them anyway). Also are there legend item I should be watching out for.

I am a level 66 wizard at floor 94. This is my first character and I have yet to ascend.

you should check out:

  1. The Codex in-game to check the legends which are hard to get. Generally, legends which have higher floor and higher difficulty requirements are the ones you should keep. But, if you still have the space in your inventory, try not to sell any of your legends yet. You might be able to find some use for them later.

  2. Skaul’s Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] []

The most sought after legends are those with red Weapon DMG%, Elemental DMG% and Nadroji Ring and Amulet for the +2 Set Affixes.