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So, I’m currently on floor 152. Been moving pretty slow, imo.
I’ve ascended once, and I’m almost to my second ascension.
I can do M3 of 152 pretty easily, but I’ve been wondering…
Since all the good stuff drops past 190, should I just make a beeline straight to 201? Or should I stick around lower tiers before doing that?

@Skaul @Griffin012
I’d like your opinion. Lol

I’d definitely suggest going for floor 500+ just on very easy as much as alot of the good stuff drops on higher difficulty alot of your basic really good gear for crafting your super gear that will get you up too 500+ mythic 3 also drops here where enemy’s have drastically less hp and you can get /TONS/ more crystals and mythstones like seriously I get around 7-8 obsidian a day if I’m farming here and have earned 9 elixers in 2 days once so like that’s the level of effiecency you will get from going for 500+ on an easier difficulty first before obliterating the higher difficulties and the enemys will even probably have less hp then what your used too on mythic 3 floor 150 so you should ez pz be able too farm the hell out of them :smile: :sunglasses:


in my point of view if u got the gear to go 750+ floor M3 mode better to farm. but if u still farming your gears …better stay at floor 200 use eternalized and crystaline set then max luck and goldfind u can change the mode to legend or lower mode for faster clear time… better bring hunter mythic ring for spamming shrines and well for epic enemy… im now floor 1289 m3 but i stil spend some time like 3-5 hrs farm at floor 200 gives lot of gold and eternal/crystal drop… i even got 1 zenith 2 obsidian and 1 amythys 1 ruby yesterday 1 day 200 floor run

What Griffin said is viable, but, what do I do? I don’t play the game anymore. Lol. He pretty much said it all, though. If you’re leveling, though, just stay around 200 unless you can handle the higher floors. Covered it in my guide, too. So refer there.
Skaul’s Hierarchy of Tips and Tricks [SHTT] [2.5]


hit and run