Show me to build a immortal build for pvp

Can u guys post or screen shot any immortal build. I just want to see what immortal build looks like

Sorry, no plans to ever share that build.


Yep. It is called immortal for a reason.

No mortals should know. Only the gods who are immortal xD.

Immortal should only be for the godly.


any noob can become an Immortal, but the Path of Immortality is so difficult, very few are able to become Immortal. a lot of pain and persistence is required to reach Immortality. I think it was an Immortal who coined the phrase ‘Get Gud’. ROFL, I like the video, CuzegSpiked.


Anyway you don’t need to know how to make immortal build or even need it. Just make a build with your own trial and error, knowledge with your brain or others shared knowledge that is spread across the forums and try make a good unique build that stands out in some way to other players in arena .

That’s what I tend to do and will always do.

I always think about trying to make a build completely different from the meta.

Search with search bar for questions and potential ideas , look for guides, take time to read things , etc.

Also you don’t need to be advanced in maths to get good at the game. Maths does help and you can use even if you don’t quite like it in efforts to save crystals .

True way to get good is by thinking , reading, testing, using calculator if need be , etc.

Seems like the best way to learn to be good at DQ from forums by pure reading seems to be the Top button and then top posts of all time with many very helpful posts there. It’s totally optional though.

So many ways to do well.


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Well said @CuzegSpiked, let the imagination runs. I will build immortal soon, need more crystal and eternal pets, btw tnx for the tips

immmortal build nowadays is not the problem because player in the top leagues use to it and they build insane amount of power :sunglasses:

True. Also 7 minutes ain’t a big deal lol. Only 2-3 true immortals. Anyway semi immortal is better than immortal or good tank to DPS ratio (like mine).

A build that could feel immortal but deals lots of DMG and isn’t truly immortal.

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If they tell me if i want a imortal build or a build that kill imortal builds , rather have the 2 option, (its my build anyway so…)

Immortal build means high defense so u should use crushing blow for offense

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nice answer :smiley: xd