How to make shrine spawn elites?

the Monster Shrine (Orange) spawns 1 Epic (Orange) monsters when activated.

Hunter Mythic (goes on your Ring) or Hunter Perk spawn one to three extra Epic monsters when activating a Shrine. the Monster Shrine would spawn one, plus one to three, Epic monsters.

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How to unlock perks of spawning elite in shrine?

in DQ, this is known as Ascending for Perks.

there are 6 Perks.
Accomplished: Requirements to complete Feats reduced by 25% (rounded up)
Enshrined: Increases the effectiveness of Shrines by 300% and adds one extra Shrine
Hunter: Shrines and Pool spawn 1-3 extra Epic Shrine Guardians (doesn’t stack with Hunter Mythic)
Treasured: Increases chance for Eternal & Crystal Legends by 300%
Fortunate: Adds 200% Luck & Gold Find to drops (beyond cap) and increases pick-up radius by 5 yards
Dealer: Increases Gold from selling Items by 1000%.

when you get your Character to level 99, go to the Shop > General Tab > Perks. Perks will be greyed out until you reach level 99. when you choose a Perk, your Character will go back to level 1. your Items will go into your bags and be replaced with level 1 Items (except for Pets and Trinkets. these go into your bags also, but are not replaced. you can equip lower level Pets & Trinkets). your Power, Health, and Mana go back to level one (5 Points in each), but the Hero Points in your Skills are not taken away. it takes more experience to get to level 99 again, and each time you get a Perk, it costs more Gold.


  1. 5 million Gold & 1x experience.
  2. 10 million Gold & 2x experience.
  3. 15 million Gold & 3x experience.
  4. 20 million Gold & 5x experience.
  5. 25 million Gold & 7x experience.
  6. 30 million Gold & 10x experience.
    6a. 14x experience (when you choose your 6th Perk, you go back to level 1 for the last time).

most players choose Accomplished, Dealer, and Fortunate for their first three Perks, in any order you want. then Enshrined, Hunter, and Treasured for the last three Perks, in any order you want.

if you go for all six Perks, do a Search :mag: on Ascending Builds. these builds end up having +200% Experience on the Equipment. one level 1, 40, & 100 Ascending Gears (at level 1 equip your level 1 or 2 gears, at level 20, equip your level 40 gears, at level 50 equip your level 100 gears).

last, experience from monsters stop going up at floor 100, so you only need to kill monsters around floor 100-110 for experience (experience from a monster on floor 100 is the same as a monster on floor 1000), unless you need an Item from a higher floor.

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Thanks sir, this is helpful.
Btw, is there a site that shows all items ang their affixes and options.
I like to try to build my own set.
I read almost all wiz build that is posted here with billions of damage.
So I would like to try doing some combination also.
And to do that I need the a guide or list of legends.

When I try to search in Google it shows Roblox

I think this is the only place for what you are looking for. there might be some guides on You Tube.

the Codex in the game has a Dictionary that explains what the different affixes, sets, and other stuff does. the LegendEx in the Codex lists all of the Items and the affixes that are on them (by Class), and where you can find them in the game or how much Dust it costs to unlock them (if you haven’t found it as Loot yet) and then to purchase them if they are unlocked.

there are a few players who have made spread sheets with all of this information, but I don’t know which threads they are in, or if they can still be accessed.

if you can’t do your own spread sheet, just go old school and use pencil & paper :spiral_notepad: :pencil2: . when my ideas get too big for my head, I use a pencil & paper to figure things out.

haha, yes, sometimes we get people looking for Roblox Dungeon Quest. we let them know they are in the wrong place so that they can find the Roblox Forums.

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